Where are the Republicans?

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I noticed that “Potentials Eyeing Run for BP” (Terence M. Cullen — July 5) made no mention of any potential Republican candidate for Queens Borough President in 2013.

This could influence the political survival for two of the last Queens Republican elected officials – City Councilmembers Dan Halloran and Eric Ulrich (assuming they do not win their respective upcoming contests for Congress and State Senate this November) or any GOP successor running for their vacant office. Any local GOP NYC Council candidate in 2013 will need strong political coat tails provided by real running mates with both name recognition and funding whose names will appear above them on the ballot for mayor, city comptroller, public advocate and borough president.

There are no serious GOP candidates to date who have declared and started raising money, which is critical if they are to be taken seriously in 2013. As of April, 2012 there are 694,353 Democrats, 132,953 Republicans, 203,141 Blanks (no declared party affiliation), 26,261 Independence, 5,967 Conservative, 3,114 Working Family and 1,011 Green registered voters in Queens.

Any Republican running for Borough President in 2013 would need both name recognition and several million dollars. This is necessary to level the playing field against whomever the Democrats nominate. No wonder the last Republican Borough President was James A. Lundy who served from 1952-1957.

Larry Penner

Great Neck