VIDEO: Urban playground for cats ‘Kitty City’ unveiled at LIC adoption event

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THE COURIER/Photo and videos by Angy Altamirano
THE COURIER/Photo and videos by Angy Altamirano

Over a dozen kittens played in a special urban playground for cats at the "Kitty City" adoption event at the Flux Factory in LIC on Saturday, June 1.

A group of children in Long Island City helped create a purrfect city for a group of urban kitties who inhabited the feline metropolis this Saturday.

Eighteen children worked with urban planners and artists every weekend in May to create a small-scale city at Flux Factory. On Saturday, June 1 the city was revealed at a ribbon cutting event that also served as an adoption opportunity.

Kitty City” was created entirely from recycled and repurposed materials and became the Saturday spot for 20 to 30 kittens from For Animals, a no-kill South Ozone Park animal shelter.


As the kittens played in the spaces, scratched away at the tall posts and indulged with kitty treats, guests walked around the city looking for the perfect friend to take home. The children who helped design and build the city were also present to meet the kittens and some also took a few kittens home.

The goal of the project was to teach children about urban planning and get them to face serious issues in a playful way.