Victoria’s Secrets

By Queens Courier Staff |

Oslo – the home of Ibsen and Viking ships
We docked in Oslo, one of the wealthiest cities in Scandanavia – made up of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
We disembarked the ship at 9 a.m. and began the long walk to the ferry on our way to the Viking Museum. No one told us that the ferry drops you at the bottom of the road leading to the museums – it was uphill from there.
It was a good morning workout and the sight of the amazingly well-preserved Viking ships built between 800 and 1000 AD were worth the long walk.
I was shocked to learn that wealthy people were buried in their ships dressed with silver and gold jewelry and food for their “journey.” The ship had been found around 1900 when farmers digging on their property made the discovery.
From there, just a few blocks away, downhill, was the Folk Museum, a collection of buildings brought there from around the countryside.
Claire and I explored the museums, loving the wonderful scenes the curator set up of families preparing for a wedding. The bride’s trousseau included enough clothing for her entire life!
We stopped at the majestic, historic Grand Hotel facing the Eidsvoll Plass. It is a beautiful busy park with the Parliament on one end and the National Costume Collection at the other.
What a wonderful way to get a glimpse into the lives of people in earlier centuries. I loved the embroidered dresses, jackets, blouses and linens.
There are many steps to the buildings so it is challenging for anyone with ambulatory problems.
We tried to get a taxi back to the center of town, but after waiting several minutes at the taxi stand, we decided to return to the ferry. The downhill walk was a pleasure and the luxurious gated homes along the road were an added attraction.
We missed the ferry by a minute – they would not wait, so here I am writing this by the Lanternen Restaurant outdoor caf¿ and enjoying the sunny 70 degree day.