Vantage Properties – Quality housing at affordable prices

By Queens Courier Staff |

Vantage Properties, founded in 2005 by Neil Rubler, also the company’s President and CEO, is a company “dedicated to offering very high quality housing at affordable prices,” according to Thomas Keaney of Vantage.
The business’s eight agents rent quality and affordable residential properties in great neighborhoods all over the New York City area, and Vantage Residential in Queens is no different.
The Elmhurst branch is just as devoted to the people the company serves, determined to give them the “experience of an outstanding, well-managed apartment,” with the added bonus of being right in the New Yorker’s price range, Keaney said.
Since its beginning, Vantage has emerged as premiere investors for owners and managers of New York residential property.
Before forming Vantage, Mr. Rubler served as the Chief Operating Officer and an Executive Vice President of an older real estate development company based in New York, where he oversaw all aspects of operations and investment activities. Mr. Rubler brings his expertise to Vantage, a company that is constantly growing.
“Today,” Keaney explained, “our portfolio consists of hundreds of apartment and retail properties” in some of New York City’s oldest and most diverse neighborhoods, including in Queens.
There is “no shortage of terrific communities” in Queens, “and we have outstanding apartments in almost every one of them,” Keaney boasted.
In addition to renting residential and leasing retail space, Vantage also offers management services, renovations with their in-house construction company, and 24-hour security of all properties, helping to keep their promise of high quality at affordable prices.
Vantage is also continually setting new standards in “the landscape of urban residential and retail investing,” according to Keaney, and look forward to growing their presence across the borough. The company is proud to “help shape the cities of tomorrow.”
If interested in renting, visit to explore the wide range of apartment options in a variety of neighborhoods, or contact the office, located at 60-69 Woodhaven Boulevard, at 718-426-0400.