Valentine’s Day Love Stories: Mary Nally and Tony Gugliucci

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Mary Nally and Tony Gugliucci (1)w

Mary Nally and Tony Gugliucci have been together for 12 years after meeting at the Howard Beach Senior Center.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, The Queens Courier asked local couples what made them fall – and stay – in love.

Mary Nally and Tony Gugliucci

Q: How long have you been together?

A: Twelve years

Q: How did you meet?

MN: We met right here [at the Howard Beach Senior Center]. I used to sell crafts and Tony used to come buy things. Tony came by one day and said, “You always have my number but how come I don’t have yours.”

Q: Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?

MN: Not yet, we’ll probably eat together.

Q: What are some activities you do together?

MN: Sometimes we visit our children. We used to go dancing and go out with friends.

Q: What qualities or traits do you like about your partner?

MN: I like that he’s a good-hearted person. He never says no.

TG: I like everything