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Top headlines from around the web.

Decomposed body found in Queens attic after suicide note hints at atrocity

His cryptic suicide note left relatives concerned and confused:

“I’m going to go to hell for what I did,” he wrote.

Yesterday, the ominous last words of Devendra Autar, which he scrawled a month ago on a sheet of paper before he hanged himself, finally made sense.

As his cop brother was packing Autar’s belongings to clean out the Queens apartment, he was overwhelmed by a stench from the attic — where he found a badly decomposed body of a woman stuffed into a canvas duffel bag. Read more: New York Post

LaGuardia Community College janitor Harley Joseph loses his job after he allegedly offered high school girl money to suck her toes

A college janitor offered a high school student “as much money as she wanted” to allow him to suck her toes — a perverse incident that led to his firing, city investigators said. Read more: Daily News

Dragon Boat Festival Lets Hong Kong Culture Sail Through Queens

More than 180 teams, or more than 2,500 people, raced painted boats Sunday, as the 22nd annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival wrapped up in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens. Read more: NY 1

Park Rangers Invite Locals To Help Clean Queens’ North Channel Beach

Gateway National recreation area park rangers invited local community members to aid in the cleanup of North Channel Beach in Broad Channel, Queens this weekend. Read more: NY 1

Jazz Musicians Celebrate Louis Armstrong’s Birthday In His Former Corona Home

Jazz enthusiasts came together Saturday, to celebrate the birthday of the king of jazz, Louis Armstrong, at a museum housed in his former home in Corona, Queens. Read more: NY 1