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Newark Airport terminal shut down after baby goes through checkpoint unscreened

A baby who got through security at Newark Airport without being properly screened Friday triggered an evacuation and set off a round of finger-pointing. The Transportation Security Administration suggested that airport cops over-reacted to the “low-risk” breach — while the Port Authority complained the feds waited too long to notify them. NYDailyNews


Seven dead after van crashes into Bronx Zoo

A van drove over the railing of an elevated highway and fell more than 50 feet into the Bronx Zoo today in a horrific accident that left seven people dead, authorities said.NYPost


Occupy squatters finally flushed from Brooklyn home

It’s finally un-Occupied. Police arrested six Occupy Wall Street members squatting inside a Brooklyn home five months after the movement seized the property amid grand promises to “renovate” it and move in “a homeless family.” NYPost


City council may override mayoral veto of prevailing wage bill

The fight is continuing between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council over living wage legislation. On Monday, the City Council will vote on whether to override the mayor’s veto on a prevailing wage bill they passed last month. The bill requires that companies getting a million dollars or more in city subsidies pay their workers at least $10 an hour. NY1


Deliberations to begin this week in Queens Terror Trial

A jury could start deliberations as early as Monday in the case of a Queens man accused of plotting to blow up the city’s subways. Adis Medunjanin is accused of conspiring with admitted terrorist Najibullah Zazi to detonate suicide bombs on Manhattan subway lines in 2009. NY1