The Economy is a Circus

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As 2011 moves along, the economy of our nation continues to be in shambles. The unemployment rate continues to be high, people are continuing to lose their jobs, homes and health insurance, prices on everything from food to clothes to fuel to medicine continue to rise and we have a president and Congress who continue to battle over how to bring this recession under control.

They still cannot seem to be in any agreement on this very critical and increasingly- volatile issue. We are seeing mounting protests all across the country from New York City to Los Angeles to Dallas. People are fed up and disgusted with the state of affairs, and they very well should be.

The state of affairs is indeed very gloomy, and this is no longer a recession, it has become a depression. Wake up congress and President Barack Obama – do the jobs that you were elected to do, and stop all of this political infighting.

We have a circus in Washington, with the president as the head ringmaster and members of Congress as underworked, overpaid clowns.


John Amato

Fresh Meadows