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Lancman ‘explores’ run for Congress

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In a bid to reclaim a Congressional seat once held by democrat Anthony Weiner, Assemblymember Rory Lancman has formed an “exploratory committee” with the Federal Election Committee — an action that many view as the first step toward a run for office.

The seat covers Brooklyn and Queens in the ninth district and has been the subject of redistricting rumors even before Republican representative Bob Turner won it in a Special Election last year.

Turner defeated Assemblymember David Weprin for the seat when it was vacated following Weiner’s sexting scandal. Many believed that the seat would be eliminated by redistricting, but now Lancman said that he sees this as an opportunity to send the Legislator a message.

“If I have the opportunity to run, my campaign is going to be about expanding economic opportunity, restoring fairness to our financial system and leveling the playing field which has been severely tilted in recent years to benefit the well-off and well-connected,” Lancman said. “Last year, the voters had an opportunity to send Washington a message. This year, they have the opportunity to send a serious Legislator who can deliver for our community.”

Now with Lancman throwing his hat in the ring, there is a good chance the seat will remain — despite legislative bickering over where to draw Congressional lines. And with the Congressional primary only four months away, potential candidates like Lancman cannot wait for the Legislature to act.

Lancman has authored 19 laws in five years in the State Legislature, covering everything from terrorism and sex offenders to homeowner and employee rights.

“People who work for a living deserve a Congress that works, too — and works for them,” he said. “Congress should be focused on tackling high unemployment, making college affordable and fixing an unfair tax code instead of wasting our time and our patience on theatrics over the debt ceiling and political gamesmanship.”

Weiner, wife welcome baby boy

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A disgraced former congressmember is back in the spotlight — only the focus is now on his new baby boy.

Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin — aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — welcomed son Jordan Zane Weiner to the world on December 21, according to multiple published reports.

Jordan Zane — the couple’s first child — may be the first piece of good news Weiner has received since a sexting scandal landed the embattled former congressmember in hot water, forcing him to resign this past June. Weiner became embroiled in controversy after he admitted to accidentally Tweeting a picture of his crotch that he meant for a direct message. He initially claimed his Twitter account was hacked.

Then, more recently, on Wednesday, December 28, RadarOnline.com reported to have exclusively learned — from proposals for a tell-all book — that according to one of Weiner’s mistresses, Weiner allegedly expressed interest in wanting a threesome with another man.

Still, the pair did not split up. In fact, in a short prepared statement declaring his resignation, Weiner thanked and apologized to his family and supporters, specifically his wife.

“[She] has stood with me through this entire difficult period, and I owe so very much [to her],” he said.

Now, six months later, the proud parents have announced their new “sparkling wonder.”

According to The New York Post, Weiner took to email, alerting friends and family members about the arrival of Jordan Zane, who weighed in at 7 pounds and 5 ounces.

“Did I mention his mom is amazing? We love you for welcoming him,” Weiner said in the email about his wife.