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Councilmember Dan Halloran recovering after successful surgery to remove benign tumor

| mchan@queenscourier.com


Councilmember — and congressional hopeful — Dan Halloran is on the road to recovery after undergoing a lengthy but successful neurosurgical procedure to remove a benign tumor on Wednesday, officials said.

“Dan is doing well,” said spokesperson Steven Stites. “He’s back on his feet and looks like the same old Dan — if you couldn’t tell from his triumphant return to social media.”

According to Stites, Halloran was out of surgery by early evening on Wednesday and is well ahead of his recovery schedule. The councilmember is currently staying at NYU Medical Center in Manhattan but will return home to Flushing to recuperate for the next few weeks, Stites said.

Halloran was timely diagnosed in March, although representatives would not specify the location of the tumor.

The councilmember recently took to his Facebook page, telling friends and constituents he was “out of the rough patch” and posting a photo of himself smiling in the hospital bed.

“Doctors are shocked — I am way ahead of recovery schedule. They attribute it to whiskey and my thick Irish skull,” Halloran joked.

While Halloran — who is running for Congress in the 6th District — recovers, he said his office will run 100 percent in his absence for constituent issues. Stites said the councilmember would be off the campaign trail for a short time, “but it does not affect his long-term plans.”

“He is in it to win it,” Stites said.