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WATCH: R.A. Dickey discusses trade rumors on ‘The Daily Show’

| brennison@queenscourier.com

With trade rumors swirling around R.A. Dickey, the Cy Young Award winner stopped by “The Daily Show” to chat about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the knuckleball and where he might be playing next year.

“He may be the first guest in the history of this program to be traded while I am talking to him,” host and long-time Mets fan Jon Stewart said of Dickey.

The 2012 Cy Young Award winner has been the subject of a myriad of trade rumors this offseason. Dickey will make $5 million in the final year of his contract and the All-Star is due a significant raise.

“This tremendous story, this tremendous success, I guess my question is how will the New York Mets screw this up?” asked Dickey.

The Nashville-native remains hopeful he’ll continue his career in New York.

“I’m hoping to be here. I love it here,” Dickey told Stewart.

While he wants to keep pitching in Queens, the thoughtful knuckler, who before last season climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and authored a memoir, “Wherever I Wind Up,” said he realized baseball, first and foremost, is a business.

“[Mets General Manager] Sandy Alderson has a job to do; he’s paid to make the Mets better. I’ve got to be as professional as I can and understand that,” said Dickey.