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Lindenwood Alliance tackles DOT, DOE issues

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The March meeting of the Lindenwood Alliance featured a special dedication to Thomas Pascale, captain of the 106th Precinct.

“From the beginning, he has been supportive of our civic community,” said Lindenwood Alliance co-founder and president, Christina Gold. “He’s someone in a position of leadership who has been in support of this group. He has come to the majority of our meetings, which usually the captains do not. We wanted to show our appreciation for him.”

Gold said one of the group’s main purposes is to connect residents with their local officials and police departments.

Several traffic issues, including a particularly unsafe intersection located at the corner of 88th Street and 153rd Avenue, were addressed during the meeting on Monday, March 12 at the Rockwood Park Jewish Center.

According to Gold, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is revisiting the situation and plans to address the area she says is “dangerous for pedestrians.”

Parents of students who attend P.S. 232 in Lindenwood were present at the meeting as well to express their ill feelings towards an alleged decision to remove the special education program from the school. According to Gold, the parents were informed by faculty and staff that P.S. 232’s classes for learning disabled children would be phased out. Gold said she plans to meet with the school’s principal to discuss the situation further and hopes to bring staff from District 27 to a future meeting.


“Cops of the Month” Honored by Jamaica Rotary

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Police pride was in full force on October 26, as the Jamaica Rotary honored the boys in blue from Patrol Borough Queens South (PBQS).

Rotary President Joe Iaboni commenced the ceremony by making note of Veteran’s Day on November 11 and praising all who have served in the armed forces, as well as the NYPD.

“Without the veterans we wouldn’t have what we have right now – peace,” said Iaboni. “Also, let’s show respect to the police department for the great work they do in the community.”

Deputy Inspector Charles McEvoy, Commanding Officer of the 103rd Precinct, was the first to present the “Cop of the Month” award to Officer Matt Rehman and Sergeant Donald Kipp.

The officers earned the distinction for an arrest they made during the early hours of Saturday, August 13. Rahman and Kipp, dressed in plainclothes and stationed in an unmarked car, noticed a dispute in an area plagued by gang violence. When they confronted one of the individuals, they witnessed a .32 caliber revolver in his possession. After a short foot pursuit, the officers apprehended the suspect, a 22-year-old male, who has been indicted on criminal charges.

“It certainly was a good arrest in an area where we have some gang issues,” said McEvoy.

From the 113th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Miltiadis Marmara commended the teamwork of a pair of officers from the night anti-crime unit during two recent arrests. Officers Jason Zummo and James Zozzaro made the first arrest when they noticed a suspicious individual casing a local grocery store. When they pulled him over, the individual fled. The officers pursued and arrested him with a .9 mm handgun, a bulletproof vest and ammunition.

During the second incident, the officers witnessed an individual holding a gun and quickly apprehended him. In the suspect’s possession were a loaded .22 caliber revolver and 70 Ecstasy pills.

“Because of the tactics and teamwork they used, they were able to apprehend him without anyone getting injured and no shots fired,” said Marmara.

Officers Tommy Scalise and Vic Sadarangani were honored from the 106th Precinct for their work during a highly publicized grand larceny case. On Monday, October 3, a 31-year-old woman was robbed of her iPhone 4 on Liberty Avenue in the vicinity of 111th Street. Due to the help of iGotcha, an iPhone application which took a photograph of the suspect when he unsuccessfully tried to unlock the phone and then emailed it to the victim, Officers Scalise and Sadarangani were able to identify the perpetrator when they saw him walking down the street.

“It was just good work on the part of Officers Scalise and Sadarangani that helped us get the right guy,” said Captain Thomas Pascale, Commanding Officer of the 106th Precinct.

Captain Martin Briffa of the 102nd Precinct recognized Officers Carmine Semioli and Stephen David for their work in connection with the arrests of threesuspects, including two 14 year olds, on August 26.

“It is great to get [the young perpetrators] off the street early enough,” said Briffa. “Hopefully they can get some help.”

The officers responded to a robbery on Atlantic Avenue, where they found two wounded victims. After an extensive search of the neighborhood, two of the three suspects were apprehended. The officers witnessed the third suspect running across the Van Wyck Expressway. They gave his description, and he was quickly arrested by the 103rd Precinct.

Assistant Chief James Secreto of PBQS expressed his pride in the performances of the officers in attendance.

“I want to thank the men and women being honored here,” said Secreto. “You are doing a great job.”

106th Precinct Honors Cops

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Two officers were honored at the most recent 106th Precinct Community Council meeting in Ozone Park.

Captain Thomas Pascale announced officers Christopher Sekela and Mark Ferranola as Cops of the Month during the Precinct Council’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 12.

Pascale said they were awarded for their active role in a missing person’s case. The missing person was a young woman dealing with depression, he said.

“The work they did is handled by investigative units. They used a lot of good common sense,” he said.

Pascale said the two officers were able to get information from the woman’s cell phone to search the surrounding areas of the cell phone tower. They then found the woman’s car outside of a motel and gained access to her room. They found her in a semi-conscious state, and quickly gave her the necessary medical attention, he said.

“In my opinion, if it wasn’t for the efforts of these two officers, this would’ve had a much different outcome,” Pascale said.

During the meeting, a Community Affairs officer also mentioned that many youth services were available. The services are aimed to reduce youth violence, prevent drug use, promote child safety and improve relationships between police and young people, the representative said.

The program is designed to educate young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20 about law enforcement and the Youth Police Academy — a summer program for city youths between the ages of 10 and 17, he said.

The majority of complaints residents made were about grand larceny of automobiles, burglaries and grand larcenies.

“People quickly run inside the store and leave the keys inside the car. Their stolen car will then be used to commit other crimes. Just don’t do it,” Pascale said.