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Dickey gives Mets fans reason to cheer one last time

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THE COURIER/Photo by Billy Rennison

Eliminated from the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season, owners of a 9-25 home record since the All-Star break (25-44 overall) and a midweek afternoon game left little reason for Mets fans to make the trek to Citi Field for the team’s home finale.

But a funny thing happened on the way to irrelevancy — the game mattered. For the first time since 1990, a Mets pitcher was looking to secure his 20th win. Near the end of a once-promising season that slipped away, fans had a reason to pass through the turnstiles.

“It feels good to have something to cheer for again,” said John Nunez, 46, who was with his son. “We actually bought these tickets when [the Mets] still had a winning record.”

Many of the 31,506 in attendance though came to Citi Field sans ticket with the hope of seeing history — a wish that was rewarded with a 6-5 victory earning R.A. Dickey his 20th win of the season.

Five other Mets pitchers accomplished the feat a total of eight times with the last being Frank Viola in 1990, but the home fans had not witnessed the accomplishment since David Cone won his 20th at Shea Stadium in 1988.

“This is only my third game this half,” Jeff Fuller said as he waited on line outside the ticket window. “But I wanted to come see Dickey win 20.”

A multitude of the fans in attendance returned after weeks staying away from the stadium as the team fell out of the playoff race and struggled to collect any wins — or paying customers.

“It’s not a lot of fun to come to an empty stadium,” Fuller said.

While officially it was only the third highest attended game this half, more fans’ fannies likely packed the seats than any Mets game since the All-Star break and they made sure they were heard.

Everything Dickey did — single, get forced out, talk to manager Terry Collins — drew thunderous applause, a fact that was not lost on Collins.

After the seventh inning Collins told an exhausted Dickey, “This ballpark is filled with energy, use it to your advantage. These people deserve to see you walk off the mound. They came to see you.”

“This day was as much about the fans as it was for me,” Dickey said after the game. “How can you not be motivated to go out there and give the fans, your teammates and yourself all that you have.”

The fans’ spirit was able to aid Dickey in his quest, something Collins hoped the other players noticed.

“I hope our players felt the energy today, because that’s what you want to have. That’s what you want to have this ballpark filled with,” Collins said.

Fans and players will have to wait until next April to feel that energy again since Citi Field will be dark again this October, but for some the bright spot of Dickey’s 20th shone through.

“That’s why you come,” said Nick Scardelli. “In a lost season, we got to end it on our feet cheering.”

Woman dragged into Hunters Point parking lot and raped by group of men

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Graphic by Jay Lane

Woman dragged into Hunters Point parking lot and raped by group of men

Cops are hunting for a group of men they say raped a woman on a dark Queens street early Sunday. The 20-year-old woman was walking near Vernon Boulevard and 10th Street in Hunters Point when two men grabbed her and dragged her into a parking lot at about 3:45 a.m., police said. As the two suspects held her down between two cars, a third man — who is in his late 20s and about 5-foot-10 with blond hair and blue eyes — raped her, cops said.  Read More: Daily News

Queens rape victim was falsely imprisoned for robberies; now she sues city cops for falling for her attacker’s story

A QUEENS rape victim who was locked up for robberies she didn’t commit is suing city and Long Island cops for falling for her attacker’s “preposterous hoax” of a revenge plot. In a federal lawsuit, Seemona Sumasar claims NYPD cops protected her attacker, Jerry Ramrattan, because he was secretly funneling them information about other crimes while working as an informant. Read More: Daily News

Parents and officials say Department of Education has turned back on Jamaica High School

Even though the Department of Education’s (DOE) decision to close Jamaica High School was finalized in February, current students are still hoping for a quality education. Currently in the process of being phased out, Jamaica High School no longer accepts new students and is expected to close its doors for good in 2014. Read More: Queens Courier

At Top Public Schools, the Arts Replace Recess

All of this concentrated learning — activities parents commonly think of as enrichment — was taking place not after school hours, but during recess, the once-unstructured midday break that for some elementary school students is slowly being squeezed out of the day. Jump rope, freeze tag and the jungle gym have some new competition. At some of the city’s highest-rated public elementary schools, recess is now being seen by parents and educators as a time to pack in extra learning. Read More: New York Times

Giants, Mets Trade: New York Trades Angel Pagan To San Francisco For Andres Torres, Ramon Ramirez

Walking across the hotel lobby, New York Mets manager Terry Collins smiled. “We rebuilt our bullpen in one day,” he said. In a rapid-fire series of moves at the winter meetings that took 1 1/2 days to put together and 1 1/2 hours to finalize, the Mets agreed to trade center fielder Angel Pagan to San Francisco for outfielder Andres Torres and pitcher Ramon Ramirez, and reached agreements with free-agent relievers Frank Francisco and Jon Rauch. Read More: Huffington Post

Ex-corrections officer acquitted of attempted murder charges in Queens

A former correction officer who was facing up to 25 years in prison for shooting two men outside of a Queens bowling alley was acquitted of double attempted murder and assault charges. “His defense was one of self-defense,” said Michael Lavecchio’s trial attorney, Stephen Worth, after a jury cleared his client of all charges on Monday night. Lavecchio, 55, was working as a security guard at the AMF bowling alley on 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights on February 6, 2010 when he asked Justin Donaghy and Gerard Hourigan to leave the building.  Read More: New York Post

MTA forgot about stranded blizzard train

The MTA’s subway boss admitted yesterday that transit officials got so overwhelmed during last year’s Christmas-time blizzard they “forgot” about an A train stuck on the tracks for nine agonizing hours with 500 passengers on board. Read More: New York Post