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Ron Paul is his choice

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Ordinarily, I would not be writing to a newspaper or even worrying about national politics, but I fear for the future of this country.  Today’s policies are unsustainable, and no matter which party is in power, the problems will remain.  We are now on a course which has brought an end to many a civilization before us.  How many times do you think they can raise the debt ceiling before a collapse?          It is now unquestionable: Ron Paul is the one principled voice in a field of counterfeit conservatives.  Paul’s budget plan includes $1 trillion in real cuts, a necessary measure that no other Republican has had the fortitude and good sense to propose. 

Our children stand to suffer a great deal if we do not correct our mistakes.  Conservatives know that central government planning is to blame, and the solutions are to be found in our Constitution, which restrains politicians from making mischief and consigns them to the service of all Americans’ best interests.  How can we trust these other candidates, when none of them ever saw it coming?  

In 2008, Paul fought TARP and the Fed and warned about the housing bubble, while the politically-connected laid waste to our economy.  Mitt Romney and the other candidates applauded the disastrous “Big Government” interventions and even suggested the economy was as strong as ever.  Well, we now know better.  

Republicans, please join me in making Ron Paul our next president.   Paul is the one we can trust to restore integrity and strength to our constitutional republic.

Dylan J. Robnett,
Rego Park