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Street Talk: What is your favorite summertime activity?

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

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My friend has a house in the Hamptons, so I’ve been going to the beach there a lot. I grew up around the beach, and now that I go to college in the city it’s good to be able to go back to that type of environment.
Chaz Taylor


I like going to the beach and hanging out. Anything to do with the water, basically.
Tayna Tucunduva


My favorite summertime activities are going to the gym and exercising. I also enjoy walking around the city and meeting new people.
Tracy Tyler


I’ve been working all summer, but when I’m not doing that I love going to the city and visiting the beach.
Sarah Perez


I like to play Frisbee and go to the beach.
Becky Goodman


I like hanging out with my friends, and over the summer I do a lot of barbecuing and drinking.
Dakota Doyle


Over the summer I ride my bike a lot, and I also enjoy eating lunch in the park.
Gustavo Ponce


In the summertime I spend a lot of time meditating in the park and going for jogs.
Ryan Robertson