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Adam Sandler film shooting in Glendale

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Angela George/Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood is coming to Glendale.

“The Cobbler” starring native New Yorkers Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi, and will be filming in the neighborhood, according to a representative of Slow Pony, the production company. Film star Dustin Hoffman has a role in the movie as well.

The cameras will be rolling on the intersection of 79th Street and 77th Avenue on Dec. 11, 13 and 14, according to reports.

The movie is a comedy, where Sandler acts as a repairman who assimilates himself into his customer’s lives, the website The Wrap said.

Tom McCarthy, who wrote “Up,” “Win Win” and “The Visitor” is directing the film. Rapper and entertainer Method Man, another New Yorker, will also be in the movie. The movie is being filmed at other locations around the city.




Former firefighter Steve Buscemi lends support to Rockaway first responders

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THE COURIER/Photo by Terence M. Cullen

He’s played a mass murderer, a homeless man and one of the most powerful mob bosses in the country. But possibly his most famous, and proudest role, was as a real-life FDNY firefighter.

Actor Steve Buscemi visited Breezy Point the day before Thanksgiving to show his support for the city’s largest firefighting community.

The “Boardwalk Empire” star has been working with a firefighter advocacy group to get the needs and resources to firefighters who, despite continuing to save lives, have lost their homes or all their personal belongings.

Breezy Point has long been known to be the largest community of firefighters in the city. While many of them were out battling blazes, or responding to calls, many of their homes were damaged from the storm.

“They go to work; they go to their firehouse, they do a 24 [hour shift], then they come right back out then they’re volunteering,” Buscemi said. “They’re getting burned out. They need as many resources as they can.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo, while visiting first responders for Thanksgiving, also noted that the massive first responder community had continued to work through the devastating storm – while knowing their own homes were either under water or on fire.

It was notable and honorable, Cuomo said, “that people put their own well-being aside, literally, to help others. And that’s what the New York first responders are all about.”

Buscemi said that, although many will get a $30,000 grant from FEMA, many in the area did not have the proper insurance and Friends of Firefighters was leading an effort to give them any extra help.

“They need help and we have to keep shining a light on these areas,” he said. “Because they need as many resources and recovery as they can get.”



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The New York Lottery has announced the names of area Lottery players who claimed a winning ticket from one of the Lottery’s live drawings between October 9 and October 15. The following winners each received a cash prize valued at $10,000 or more.

• Patricia Beneduce of Richmond Hill who won $10,000 on the Powerball drawing of October 1. Beneduce’s winning ticket was purchased at the Amar Groceries at 117-19 101st Avenue in South Richmond Hill.

• Ruth Garner of Jamaica who won $10,000 on the Mega Millions drawing of October 11. Garner’s winning ticket was purchased at the C-Town Supermarket at 142-36 Foch Boulevard in Jamaica.

• Robert Myers of Whitestone who won $33,747 on the Take Five drawing of October 10. Myers’s winning ticket was purchased at the S. Michael & Son at 82-06 Astoria Boulevard in East Elmhurst.




The following local students have graduated from Excelsior College:

Gung T. Lo

, a resident of Flushing, has earned a Bachelor of Science.

Nancy Muyal

, a resident of Flushing, has earned a Bachelor of Science.

Rachel Nisanov

, a resident of Flushing, has earned a Bachelor of Science.

Sylburn V. Peterkin

, a resident of Jamaica, has earned a Bachelor of Science.

Faige Rand

, a resident of Far Rockaway, has earned a Bachelor of Science.

Ruchy Schwartz

, a resident of Far Rockaway, has earned a Bachelor of Science.

Esther L. Winer

, a resident of Far Rockaway, has earned a Bachelor of Science.




Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley was presented with the Public Service Award for her dedication to the Fire Department of New York at the Fourth Annual Friends of Firefighters Fall Fundraiser.

As Chair of the Fire and Criminal Justice Chair, Crowley has worked hand-in-hand with Friends of Firefighters to ensure that our fire companies have the resources they need.

This past year, Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed closing 20 fire companies throughout New York City. Despite difficult budget negotiations, Crowley joined City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, the Uniformed Firefighters Association and FDNY supporters, like Friends of Firefighters, to fight the mayor’s decision.

Actor Steve Buscemi, former member of Engine Company 55 and an active advocate for the widows and survivors of 9/11, was inducted into the Honor Roll for his dedication to the group. President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association Steve Cassidy and President of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association Al Hagan were also named Friends to the Friends of Firefighters.

“In the past decade, Friends of Firefighters has provided exceptional care to hundreds of FDNY families,” said Crowley. “It was an honor to be recognized at their fundraiser.”


Actor Steve Buscemi and City Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley.



Paul Halvatzis, a notable Queens-based businessman, has accepted a challenge from his children, including his autistic son, to shave his 35-year-old mustache off to benefit those living with autism.

Halvatzis, a civic leader in Astoria, has been a board member of the Astoria Civic Association for over 20 years, past president of the Astoria/L.I.C. Kiwanis Club for 25 years and a board member of the 30th Avenue Merchants Association. He also serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors of Quality Services for the Autism Community (QSAC).

The momentous occasion will take place at the Redken Saloon Salon located at 36-16 30th Avenue in Astoria on Friday, December 30 at 6 p.m.

The public is invited to attend, and as this is a fundraiser, people are being asked to make contributions in honor of the statement Paul Halvatzis is making by shaving his mustache. Donations can be made at the event or by going to www.qsac.com/shave.

“Paul has had his mustache longer than QSAC has been in existence,” said Gary Maffei, QSAC Executive Director. “We are thrilled to be working with him on this innovative fundraiser to bring much needed resources that will both improve and expand our services to those most in need across New York and Long Island.”





Dr. Catherine Reid, a veterinarian who has done extensive research on endangered species, has been named Acting Director of LaGuardia Community College’s Veterinary Technology program.

Reid’s research, which she describes as “conservation-type medicine,” focuses on threatened species whose existence is being drastically impacted by disease or environmental or human-animal conflicts. She has been doing research on the deadly herpes virus that strikes wild Asian elephants in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, and reproductive studies on white rhinos in captivity.

The new acting director, who also works at the East Side Animal Hospital on the weekends, hopes to bring her passion for wild animal research into the classroom.

“The students already know about laboratory research in pharmaceutical companies,” she said. “I want to show them that a whole other world of research exists and where they can fit into that picture.”

Adding this new dimension to the students’ academic experience, she said, can only enrich the already comprehensive program.

“LaGuardia goes out of its way to give its students more of a four-year college experience,” said Reid. “I can guarantee that there are four-year colleges out there that do not offer the quality that I have seen here.”

And students’ results on the national exam support the acting director’s claim. Last year, 100 percent of LaGuardia’s 2010 vet tech graduates passed the exam on their first try at a time when only 70 percent of the nation’s vet tech students passed.


Dr. Catherine Reid, a veterinarian who has done extensive research on endangered species, has been named Acting Director of LaGuardia Community College’s Veterinary Technology program.



At The Queens Courier/Home Reporter’s “King of Kings County” event recently were Borough President Marty Markowitz; Philippa Karteron, Executive Director, Council for Airport Opportunity; City Council Speaker Christine Quinn; Malikka Karteron, Director of Education and Outreach, B’Above Worldwide Consortium; and Jacques Karteron, Treasurer, Guy R. Brewer United Democratic Club.