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Bob Dole, Donald Rumsfeld endorse Reyes for State Senate

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Photo is Courtesy of Reyes for State Senate

Heavily shorthanded in endorsements this campaign, Republican candidate Juan Reyes picked up the backing of former presidential candidate Bob Dole and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

“[I am] humbled and grateful to have the endorsement of two giants in the Republican Party,” Reyes said in a statement.

The former mayoral counsel and current lawyer faces off against Councilmember Eric Ulrich on Thursday, September 13 to see which Republican will run against incumbent State Senator Joseph Addabbo.

Reyes worked as a staffer to Dole, who served five terms in the Senate, before serving a number of positions in the second Giuliani administration.

Dole called the senate hopeful “an outstanding leader who will fight for you and your family in Albany. He won’t tolerate the political nonsense that has done so much damage to New York’s economy.”

Rumsfeld said Reyes was a good conservative who would cut taxes and help economic growth.

“Juan is smart, tough minded, decent and hardworking,” he said. “He is a solid conservative who stands for lower taxes, less government spending, and a strong emphasis on economic growth in the private sector.”

Along with these endorsements, Reyes also has the backing of the Queens Republican Party. In contrast, Ulrich has a score of endorsements including: former Governor George Pataki, the Independent Party, the New York State Senate Elections Committee and Congressmember Peter King.


15th State Senate District endorsements rolling in

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In the race for the 15th State Senate District, candidates have been garnering certain key endorsements.

Congressmember Bob Turner endorsed City Councilmember Eric Ulrich — as the Ozone Park native will face off in a primary against former mayoral aide Juan Reyes. The winner of the race will then go up against incumbent State Senator Joseph Addabbo.






“Eric is part of a new era of leadership that will make state government work again,” Turner said. “I have the great fortune of serving alongside him and I’ve seen first-hand his commitment to the community. He understands the kitchen-table issues that Queens families are facing and he is by far the most qualified candidate to bring New York out of its economic decline and put people back to work.”

Both represent the same area in their respective government bodies.

This endorsement comes after the 27-year-old councilmember got backing from the Queens Conservative party last week, and then the Independent Pary on June 4 — an endorsement given to Addabbo in 2010.

In order to run against Addabbo, however, Ulrich must first beat Reyes, a formal mayoral aid, in the June 26 primary. Reyes, a Forest Hills lawyer, received an endorsement from the Queens GOP.

The GOP choice has not affected the Ulrich campaign; rather, its members say a primary would strengthen the camp. Supporters of Ulrich are confident he will come out the victor of the primary, said Bill O’Reilly, his campaign spokesperson.

“Sometimes a primary can work out the kinks in a campaign,” O’Reilly said. “It’s a good practice-run for a general election.”

Ulrich — whose current city council district comprises a big chunk of the senate district — has the support of many party members in his zone, which includes Howard Beach, Ozone Park and Lindenwood, O’Reilly said.

“We think that’ll be an advantage going into election day,” he said. “Both in the primary and the general election.”

State Senator Joseph Addabbo has received endorsements from the United Federation of Teachers and other unions. While it is still early in the election, Addabbo said he has been focusing on business in Albany and meeting with his district’s constituents.

Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center has hope

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Officials of the Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center — and 15 students in the complex’s Children’s Day Treatment program — are hoping they won’t be left out on the streets the second the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day.

The health center and its treatment program have been housed by Peninsula Hospital in Far Rockaway for over 10 years.

But close to a month ago, Peninsula’s new management, Revival Home Health Care, said they needed the space back — and by the end of the year — in order to expand the hospital’s emergency room, according to officials.

Now — after first receiving notice to vacate the premises in only three months — Dr. Peter Nelson, the CEO of Addabbo Center, said the program has hope in its frantic search for a new home and more time.

“The message got through to him,” Nelson said of Todd Miller, the hospital’s new CEO, whom he had recently met with regarding the time frame of the removal process. “I think at this point, we’ve got his attention. He wanted to be reasonable, and he wanted to see that we were working hard to find a new place. I think we’ll be able to have more time to relocate than by December 31.”

Miller told The Courier that he has in fact granted the program an extension, but did not specify how long.

He said program officials, Peninsula personnel and representatives from the Department of Mental Health will meet next week on December 7 to discuss plans moving forward, including how much time will be actually needed.

“We’re not going to put them out on the street,” he said. “We’ve always been open to a solution that works for everyone. There was just a process that we needed to go through to make sure [program officials] were focused on the fact that they ultimately needed to find a new space.”

He said he was working closely with officials at the Department of Mental Health, as well as elected officials, including State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr., to move forward, but no plans have been set in stone.

“It’s unfortunate that Mr. Miller is going to make a decision not to have the day treatment program at the hospital,” said Addabbo, who had also met with Miller to discuss the status of the center. “He feels that he wants to expand services of Peninsula Hospital, and I commend him for that and I commend him for his vision for the hospital, but it’s important to continue the program for the children and to find an alternative space for them.”

Addabbo said the one agreement made during his most recent meeting with Miller was that Miller would be “reasonable in providing the program enough time to find an appropriate, accessible space.”

“I appreciate that courtesy. It is an important program for these children, and the families depend on it,” Addabbo said.

The Children’s Day Treatment program provides clinical and academic services for children aged eight to 10, as well as therapeutic services — including individual and group therapy, psychiatry and parental guidance and counseling. The majority of the students are from the Rockaway community, according to officials, and suffer from profound behavioral and emotional difficulties.

“We’re just trying to make a plan about how we would move, when we would move and get them to work with us around that plan rather than work to try to evict us,” said Ronald Lamb, the program’s director. “I hope that it will lead to a mutually beneficial solution.”

Saint Pancras School students salute local veterans

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Saint Pancras School students saluted local veterans with personal hand-crafted cards thanking them for their dedication and service to the country.

First and second graders at the Glendale school crafted their cards as personal thank yous that were hand-delivered to veterans in the VA St. Albans Community Care Center by State Senator Joseph Addabbo on Wednesday, November 9.

The creative and colorful construction paper cards were dedicated to the veterans’ sacrifice and service from World War II to the current deployments to the Middle East.

“Each year, to honor the many brave men and women from Queens who have proudly served in the military and in our recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, my district offices support several youth groups to work on some great morale-boosting, holiday-themed projects designed to either applaud those now serving their country far from home, or to salute our heroic veterans housed in the VA St. Albans Community Care Center,” said Addabbo.

The vets were moved, yet delighted, he said, to receive the hundreds of heart-felt tokens of gratitude from the students remembering their service during Veterans Day.