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Pols propose bill requiring gas stations to have generators

| ctumola@queenscourier.com

Following long gas lines and even fights that, according to the NYPD, resulted in 41 arrests since Sandy struck last week, two New York politicians are introducing a state bill that would require all gas stations to have generators in case of power outages.

The legislation, which will be introduced by Assemblymember David Weprin in the Assembly, is modeled on a 2007 bill passed in Florida that makes it mandatory for gas stations and wholesalers to have a generator that’s able to supply at least 72 hours of power and be available to use no later than 24 hours after a disaster like Sandy hits again, said Weprin’s office. State Senator David Carlucci will introduce the bill in the State Senate.

“It just makes common sense to be pro-active and prepared for these increasingly destructive storms,” said Weprin. “It isn’t good for anyone to be unprepared, but especially our gas stations because of our reliance on gasoline. We all need to be able to function as quickly as possible after a storm strikes. This is very serious.”