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Star of Queens: Debbie McCrorie, volunteer for St. Robert Bellarmine and Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com


BACKGROUND: Debbie McCrorie is a Bayside resident and volunteer at St. Robert Bellarmine and Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy since 2000. She runs fundraising events like the Msgr. John B. Lavin Golf & Tennis Outing and the annual Sweetheart Dance. She recently was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her dedication to the school.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: McCrorie assists the board of directors of Divine Wisdom in running fundraising events. She helps to raise money to drive down the cost of tuition for families. Her roles have included office assistant, class mom, president of the Home School Association, and former coordinator for the St. Bellarmine Parish Youth Group.

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: “Having my son go through Catholic education and watching the children receive the education that they are with the Catholic background. [With] Catholic education, the children get such a great set of morals and they are like a family. In the school, the kids, they look out for each other and my son, my school, St. Roberts and it’s just a whole different set of morals that I think is very important and I help with that.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “I volunteer a lot and I think my biggest challenge is continuing to do what I do and keeping my health in check. My [other] biggest challenge is to meet our financial goals every year and I help the board of directors with their fundraising and my biggest challenge is meeting that number at the end of every year.”

INSPIRATION: “Other than my son, [someone else who inspires me is] Pastor Geraghty. He is a wonderful pastor and he is such a wonderful man. He takes care of his school community, his church community and I have to say that he is a wonderful inspiration to everyone, the children, the parishioners, everyone.”


Two Queens Catholic schools to merge next year

| mchan@queenscourier.com

Two Catholic schools in northeast Queens will merge and operate under one name in September 2013.

St. Robert Bellarmine School, located at 56-10 214th Street in Bayside, will reopen under Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy in the next school year after board of directors at both schools unanimously approved the expansion this month.

The Bayside school will be called the Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy at St. Robert Bellarmine campus. It will join Divine Wisdom’s current campus at St. Anastasia, located at 45-11 245th Street in Douglaston.

“In an age when Catholic schools are being closed in our city and in the whole nation, this is a strong and confident step in the other direction,” said Monsignor Martin Geraghty of St. Robert’s.

The change will have no effect on students, who will continue attending their respective campuses, Geraghty said.

But while existing administration, staff and faculty at Divine Wisdom will stay in place, employment at St. Robert’s will cease when the school year ends, said officials.

Geraghty said staff members could reapply for jobs at Divine Wisdom.

Some St. Robert’s community members, including Geraghty, are expected to be added to Divine Wisdom’s board of directors.

“We’re confident that we will be able to grow stronger by combining our assets and growing together as a larger community dedicated to excellence,” Geraghty said. “We will be able to take what are already two very good schools and make them superior.”