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Flyers score big in their Diocesan meet

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Photo courtesy St. Margaret's/Resurrection Flyers.

The St. Margaret’s/Resurrection Flyers brought the speed this weekend at Astoria Park, during the Diocesan meet.

The top performer of the day was senior girl Karolina Niepokoj, who, besides winning the gold medal, broke a 20-year-old record in the 800-meter run by four seconds. The new time to beat by a senior girl is 2:33 in the event.

Also receiving gold medals were junior girl Zara McPartland and bantam boy Ricky Hubert for their performance in the 800-meter run. Other gold medal winners were senior girl Aniara Higgins and senior boy Luc Cathersal for the running long jump, novice boy Andrew Kelly for the 400-meter run and novice girl Olia Higgins for the 100-meter run.

Diocesan victories and gold medal recipients for relays were junior girls Nina Allen and Shauna Hurson; senior girl Rebecca Hurson; junior boys Owen Kelly and John Boger; and senior boy John Ostling for their performances in the 400-meter medley.

Silver medal winners included novice girl Leana Ruiz for the 400-meter run, senior boy Daniel Longcar for the 200-meter run, novice boy Josiah Boulet for the 100-meter run and novice boy Kevin Isca for the 50-meter run. Senior boy Brian Kelly won the silver for the running long jump.

Receiving silver for their 800-meter medley relay race were bantam boys Kacper Niepokoj, Victor Osling, Robert Geraci and Shane Rooney.

Bringing home the bronze was senior girl Ciara Roche for her performance in the 800-meter run, as well as novice girl Aileen Mitritonda and novice boy Unai Higgins for their 400-meter run. Peewee boy Anthony Pedicini also received a bronze medal for his 50-meter run. Other bronze medal recipients for the running long jump were bantam girl Mackenize Collin and bantam boy Kevin Girdusky.

Winning the bronze for their performance in the 800-medley relay race were junior girls Zara Nafaa, Lili Cathersal, Bryanna Hurson and Jayde Sabin.

Also receiving medals for their tremendous efforts in their 100-meter races were senior girl Ellen McGovern, bantam girl Athalia Mulligan and novice girls Catherine Roche and Nora Olmo. Bantam boy Joshua Rivera received a medal for his great effort in his 50-meter run.


Flyers snag medals at St. Anthony’s Classic

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Photos courtesy St. Margaret's/Resurrection Flyers

The St. Margaret’s/Resurrection Flyers soared high yet again during the final indoor track meets of the 2014/2015 track season at the St. Anthony’s Classic on March 22 at St. Anthony’s School in Huntington, Long Island.

At the meet, several of the Flyers were the first to cross the finish line and earn gold medals.

Peewee Aileen Mitarotonda won the 55-meter race. Receiving gold medals for the 4×100-meter relay race were novice boys Josiah Boulet, Unai Higgins, Kevin Isca and Andrew Kelly. Junior girls Nina Allen, Lili Cathersal, Ainara Higgins and Zara McPartland also took home the top prize in the 4×100-meter relay race.

Flyers 2Senior Luc Cathersal, junior Keri Ann Koenig and novice Leana Riuz all brought home gold medals for the 300-meter race. Other gold medalists were senior Karolina Niepokoj for the 800-meter race and senior Brian Kelly for the standing long jump.

Bantam Ricky Hubert won the silver medal for the 600-meter race and junior Owen Kelly took second in the standing long jump.

Receiving bronze medals for the 55-meter race were peewees Gavin Walsh and Anthony Pedecini, as well as novice Francesca DeSantis. Bronze medal recipients for the 300-meter race were novice Olaia Higgins, bantam Mackenzie Collin, bantam Kacper Niepokoj, junior Jorge Aguilar and junior Seamus Girdusky. In the standing long jump, bantam Robert Geraci and junior John Bolger took home the bronze.


Other runners receiving medals included junior Laura Hulliahan and bantams Kevin Girdusky and Joshua Rivera for the 55-meter race, as well as bantams Luke Trinchillo, Justin Trinchillio, Victor Osling and Sean Walsh for the 4×100-meter relay.

Coaches Jeff Boger, Mark Codd, Dennis Fey, Teresa Hubert and Mike Loftus are proud of all the Flyers who participated in the meet. Any child in grades K through 8 are invited to come to a team practice if they wish to try out for the team for the upcoming season. Practices are held on Tuesdays from 4 to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 to 9 a.m. at the track in Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village.


Middle Village wrestler William “Spartan” Ferrara hopes to slam the competition

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Photos Courtesy of William “Spartan” Ferrara

Wrestler William “Spartan” Ferrara never thought he would have a chance to slam down in a ring in his neighborhood.

So the Middle Village resident immediately agreed to join former stars and entertain local fans on June 9, when independent wrestling organization Showcase Championship Wrestling (SCW) comes to St. Margaret’s Catholic School – in walking distance from his home.

“That’s the best of both worlds,” he said. “Not only do I love to entertain, but to give back to my community all in the same event, it feels great.”

Ferrara, a junior studying nutrition and fitness at Queens College, started wrestling over six years ago.

He was influenced by the high-flying, muscle-bound figures that appeared on television screens in households around the country every week on programs such as “WWE” and “Monday night RAW.”

“As a kid I was into superheroes, and wrestlers are like people who are larger than life,” Ferrara said.

Ferrara wrestled for Francis Lewis High School and not long after, in 2006, he began training to be a professional. Now he travels all over the East Coast wrestling for leagues such as National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Fusion in Virginia and NWA Costal in New Jersey.

Last year while training at Team Taz Dojo, founded by former grappling superstar Peter “Tazz” Senerchia, he befriended the creator of SCW, James Smith.

Smith founded the independent wrestling league to bring shows to schools, youth camps, churches and other organizations, helping to raise money for the groups and entertain fans with quality wrestlers.

“A lot of people who have been to independent wrestling shows see a lot of garbage out there,” Smith said. “[SCW] gives us one chance to show you that it’s not the same and erase that black eye that somebody might have left.”

After discussing the league’s second appearance in Queens with St. Margaret’s principal, Dr. Philip Franco, Smith called Ferrara and other wrestlers, including former superstars for major organizations like Braden Walker and Stevie Richards.

“Every time I get a chance to wrestle in front of fans who pay their money to see me wrestle, I give my best,” former ECW, WWE and TNA wrestler Stevie Richards said. Richards agreed to wrestle at St. Margaret’s saying, “I think we’re good-will ambassadors. Wrestling puts smiles on people’s faces.”

The upcoming show will feature several matches and some will follow story themes reminiscent of the WWE.

Richards will take part in a “First Time Ever” match facing Marty Jannetty, a former WWF grappler, whom Richards has trained with but never stepped in the ring against.

Fans that arrive early before the show will have a chance to meet the wrestlers and get autographs.

Ferrara, who aims to be a star for a major organization in the future, says right now he’s just happy to excite fans from his neighborhood and help the church where he received Communion.

“I was one of those kids who grew up in this community and lived up to my dreams,” he said. “And if I can do anything to help them I would be more than happy.”