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Street Talk: What are you looking forward to most about warmer days ahead?

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

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Meme Santana

“Not wearing my winter coat and maybe just a hoodie.”
Meme Santana

Matt Gallo

“Going to the park and hanging out outside for a change.”
Matt Gallo

Michael Dickenson

“Practicing my parkour skills.”
Michael Dickenson

Brian Conner

“100 percent I am most excited to getting back to playing handball.”
Brian Conner

Melanie Smith

“In general I can’t wait. I am sick of wearing so much clothes.”
Melanie Smith

Barry Omana

“The snow finally melting.”
Barry Omana

Maria Nass

“Everything. I don’t remember a winter this bad since 1995.”
Maria Nass

Javier Jordan

“Playing basketball, for sure.”
Javier Jordan


Street Talk: What are you most looking forward to this spring?

| tcullen@queenscourier.com


Warm weather. I’m tired of winter.
Al Drattell

When I used to garden, I looked forward to the spring flowers and I still do.
Edith Goldman

I guess the nice weather.
Iza Birnbaum

Spending time with my family, going to the swimming pool with my son; I think that would be nice. [I’m also looking forward] to visiting my cousins in Jersey.
Jong Gil Lee

Sitting in the park. Birds. Leaves on the trees.
Kalma Keinsod

I like sitting and reading in the garden.
Helen Cobin

A fresh start, a new beginning…blossoming. No more winter…nice weather and no more bundling up.
Miriam Dilorenzo

Some good sunny weather to be able to get outside and get around.
Jackie Weissman



Shadows are no-shows, groundhogs predict early spring

| mchan@queenscourier.com

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/@ChrisCQuinn

Spring is coming early if the city’s most famous marmot has predicted correctly.

Groundhog Chuck in Staten Island and Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania did not see their shadows this morning.

City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn celebrated at the city’s Groundhog Day festivities in Staten Island after the tiny rodent predicted the end of winter.

Shadows were not the only shy ones Saturday morning. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was also absent.