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Mayor, City Council reach on-time budget deal

| tcullen@queenscourier.com

NYC Mayor's Office's Flickr/Photo by Samantha Modell

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and councilmembers yesterday reached an on-time, balanced budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins on Monday, July 1, hizzoner’s final budget.

Highlights of the Fiscal Year 2014 budget include no increase in taxes, compensating for federal cuts to public housing and funding toward storm protection.

The city will allocate $58 million toward the New York City Housing Authority after federal budget cuts took place as a result of the sequester in March.

“A Stronger, More Resilient New York” includes a $250 million fund that will be split between securing existing city facilities and building coastal resistance. The Rockaway ferry landing will get $3.3 million from this project.

The plan also restores funding to city firehouses, pools and libraries, several of which were on the chopping block under Bloomberg’s budget proposed in May.

Since the state Court of Appeals upheld expanded taxi sales, a major revenue boost from outer borough street hail livery service and additional medallions for wheel-chair accessible yellow taxicabs is expected to bring in $300 million this year.

“Our Administration’s final budget reflects the commitment to sound financial management that has helped keep our City on firm financial footing, and to the services and programs New Yorkers rely on. I want to thank Speaker [Christine] Quinn for her effective leadership, as well as the Council Members for their work,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

The budget ending in 2015, however, currently has a $2 billion gap for the next mayor to fill. This number is a slight dip from what was projected.



What City Council members wish for their constituents in 2013

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com


The Queens Courier asked the City Council what they wish for their constituents in 2013. Here are some of the responses:

Speaker Christine Quinn: To help New Yorkers still reeling from Sandy recover fully and quickly, & rebuild New York City to protect New Yorkers from the impact of climate change.

Daniel Dromm: To see comprehensive immigration reform including the Uniting American Families Act (for families headed by same sex couples) and the Dream Act passed by Congress in 2013.

Mark Weprin: My New Year’s wish for my constituents is that a bipartisan spirit will appear in Washington, leading to fiscal sanity and sensible gun laws.

James Gennaro: They should have good health, the comfort and peace of a strong faith, abiding happiness, freedom from want and love and compassion for others.

Jimmy Van Bramer: I wish for my constituents a healthy and happy year full of joy and with far fewer tragedies. I want more understanding and appreciation of our uniqueness as people, a safer world at home and abroad.

Peter Vallone Jr.: I hope for the Queensboro Bridge back, and I hope other boroughs keep their hands off of our stuff.

Eric Ulrich: Health, happiness, and prosperity in the new year and a return to normalcy for those affected by Sandy.

Karen Koslowitz: I wish all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I am hoping that the year 2013 brings new opportunities, friendships and successes for all.

Dan Halloran: I wish my constituents a New Year full of peace, prosperity and a renewed sense of pride in our neighborhoods, as we continue to preserve our community’s character.

Leroy Comrie: I hope that we have a healthy, happy, prosperous, and protective new year. Also that people stay charitable, that we can continue to look out for each other and be supportive of those in need.