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Steinway Mansion sold to unknown Astoria buyers

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com

Photo Courtesy of Gary Vollo

The landmarked Steinway Mansion is officially off the market.

The home that sits on top of a hill at 18-33 41st St. has been sold to two unidentified Astoria-buyers who grew up in the neighborhood, according to City Councilman Costa Constantinides.

Constantinides said he met with the two local men prior to their purchase of the home and they have no plan on changing it to a night club or dining hall but instead want to open it as community space.

“I was really glad they came to speak with the neighborhood first. They really want to work with local officials and the community to make sure it stays part of neighborhood,” Constantinides said. “They really want to work with the neighborhood. They want it to be something that celebrates the great history of Astoria.”

The home, which was built in the 1850s, was sold for $2.6 million, according to published reports. It had reportedly been on the market for about two years and in March a private buyer was said to be in contract to purchase the home.

The Astoria mansion was built by Benjamin Pike and was later sold to the Steinway family as a summer home around 1870, with the Steinway & Sons piano factory built decades later only a few blocks away. In the 1920s, the home was sold to the Halberian family and has stayed in the family ever since. It was later selected as a New York City Landmark in 1967.