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More good work by the NYPD

| aaltman@queenscourier.com

THE COURIER/Photo by Alexa Altman

As they do every month, members of the Jamaica Rotary assembled to honor the exemplary work of officers from the local precincts.

Detective Errio Paul, Sergeant Craig Edelman and Officer Carl Scogmanillo of the 103rd Precinct were applauded for their incredible work in apprehending a particularly dangerous individual. On Friday, December 2, a man fatally shot his stepson before proceeding to mount a Q111 bus, on which he shot two more people. Officers apprehended the man and safely obtained his weapon before he was able to injure anyone else.

Sergeant Robert Bracero, Officer Raven Bollingdavis and Officer Adam Georg of the 113th Precinct received awards for catching a gang member carrying a firearm after he entered a bodega. They were also recognized for another incident — capturing an individual who was emptying rounds of his semi-automatic weapon on a playground, in close proximity of children.

In the 106th Precinct, burglaries continue to be a major issue. Sergeant Adam Seidenberg and Officer Victor Sadarangani were honored for their apprehension of two individuals attempting to break into houses. While one perpetrator hovered outside in his car, the other would try to open random front doors before they found one that was unlocked. According to Captain Thomas Pascale, two robbery crews, previously operating in this area, were taken down in February.

Burglary is also a large problem in the 102nd Precinct. Officer Ashana Kelly received an award for capturing a burglar after a foot pursuit. The officer was able to obtain the burglar’s stolen goods — $1,000 worth of jewelry — which he dropped in a neighboring yard while running from police.

Assistant Chief James Secreto spoke briefly, professing his admiration for the members of the NYPD.

“Where would we be without you?,” Secreto proudly mused.