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Lockout over, refs returning to NFL fields

| brennison@queenscourier.com


Now fans can go back to yelling at the real refs.

The NFL and NFL Referees Association have reached an agreement that will return the locked out officials to the field beginning tonight in Baltimore.

“We look forward to having the finest officials in sports back on the field, and I want to give a special thanks to NFL fans for their passion. Now it’s time to put the focus back on the teams and players where it belongs,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

The two sides met for five consecutive days.

Games this year have been peppered with questionable penalties, but negotiations picked up steam following several blown calls by the replacement refs in the nationally televised Seattle-Green Bay game Monday night, including a game-deciding touchdown call as time expired, drawing the ire of fans and players alike.

The agreement lasts through 2019.