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Postal Service delays plans to stop Saturday mail delivery

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Photo courtesy of USPS


The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced it has backed down on its plan to eliminate Saturday delivery after Congress barred the idea.

The USPS Board of Governors made the decision on Tuesday in a closed door meeting.

“Although disappointed with this congressional action, the board will follow the law and has directed the Postal Service to delay implementation of its new delivery schedule until legislation is passed that provides the Postal Service with the authority to implement a financially appropriate and responsible delivery schedule,” a statement from the board said.

The board called the ending of Saturday delivery “responsible changes” in trying to avoid the USPS from becoming a burden to taxpayers.

“It is not possible for the Postal Service to meet significant cost reduction goals without changing its delivery schedule — any rational analysis of our current financial condition and business options leads to this conclusion,” the statement said.

In February the USPS announced it would end Saturday delivery starting the week of August 5 in an attempt to save an estimated $2 billion annually.

Shortly after the announcement, a group of local politicians wrote to Congress, saying the post office was violating “the clearly-stated intent of Congress for the last three decades to continue six-day delivery.”

“Companies that rely on six-day mail delivery may opt to explore private delivery services. This could very well mean significant mail volume decreases for USPS and further financial hardship,” the letter said. “The Postal Service should look to expand rather than limit the scope of its business.”



Astoria Man Charged With Killing Stepdaughter, Wounding Estranged Wife

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Graphic by Jay Lane

Astoria Man Charged With Killing Stepdaughter, Wounding Estranged Wife

A Queens man was charged with a Monday shooting in Astoria that left his stepdaughter dead and his estranged wife injured. Police say Guerino Annarumma, 52, is facing charges of murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon after shooting the mother and daughter in their home on 38th Street near 23rd Avenue just before 9 a.m. Read More: NY1

Postal Service Cuts To Lengthen Delivery Time

As financial problems continue to mount, the U.S. Postal Service announced Monday a series of unprecedented cuts. The estimated $3 billion in reductions will affect first-class mail and likely eliminate the possibility of next-day delivery for the first time in 40 years. Read More: NY1

Councilmember Eric Ulrich tapped for Romney campaign

Councilmember Eric Ulrich has been named chair of Republican and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in New York City. Born and raised in Ozone Park, Ulrich, 26, was first elected to the council when he was 24 and now represents Ozone Park and Howard Beach — serving as Minority Whip of the Republican delegation. Read More: Queens Courier

Blog-of-blood family murder

A seething husband who accused his immigrant wife and her daughter of a green-card scam shot them in Queens yesterday — killing the young woman and critically wounding her mom — hours before the couple’s divorce hearing, law-enforcement sources said.“You are going to pay for whatever you did. I dont [sic] play no games. Good Luck, Bye Bye Bye,” suspect Guerino Annarumma, an Italian émigré, ranted in an Aug. 12 post on his blog about his  tranged. wife Olga Annarumma, 57, and stepdaughter Valeria Kuzima Lowery, 25. Read More: New York Post

Apology from kin of bus ‘killer’

The family of the crazed ex-con accused of a deadly shooting spree aboard a Queens bus apologized yesterday to the loved ones of the victims. “We are truly and deeply sorry to the families,” said a relative of alleged gunman Damel Burton who asked not to be named outside Queens Criminal Court. Burton, 34, is accused of killing his girlfriend’s 18-year-old son, Keith Murrell, then boarding the Q111, where he shot passenger Marvin Gilkes dead and critically wounded another rider, Jojuan Lispey. Read More: New York Post
Queens family of seven evicted in dispute with landlord over ‘dozens’ of violations 

A Queens family of seven is scrambling to find a place to live after their landlord served them with an eviction notice the day before Thanksgiving. Laura and Thomas Cavanagh said began withholding rent on the Broad Channel home after their landlord refused to fix dozens of problems — ranging from black mold under the sink to a rodent infestation in the attic. Read More: Daily News

Queens’ Morning Round Up – 10/14/2011: Queens foster care abductors held on bail

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The Round Up

Queens’ Morning Round Up – 10/14/2011


Abductors held on $75,000 bail

Two weeks ago Shanel Nadal, and her husband Nephra Payne were arrested in Harrisburg, PA after abducting their 8 children from a foster care facility in Queens. Presiding judge Ira Margulis, has issued and order of protection for the children and held both parents on $75,000 bail each. Nadal claims she took the children because one of that had been sexually abused in the home of the foster parents. Read More: New York Times


Calling all nerds, NYC Comic Con kicks off in Manhattan

New York Comic Con started yesterday at the Javits Center on Thursday and runs all weekend. Day passes have already been sold out for the four day event but weekend passes are still available. Read More: WNYC


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor drugs… well, maybe drugs

Lori Allen a worker at a post office in Rosedale has been charged with stealing drugs from a package that was being shipped illegally. Allen was caught on tape Sept. 10 opening a parcel left on a supervisor’s desk, removing the contents, and replacing them with bubble wrap. Allen says she was paid $2,000 for stealing the drugs, by whoever tipped her off about the package. The ex-postal employee was released from jail on $25,000 bail. Read More: New York Post


What’s Happening in Queens this Weekend

Our editor collected a list of everything that is going on in Queens this weekend. Check it out at: Queens Courier


‘Holiday Bandit’ pleads guilty to bank robberies

Marat Mikhaylich, 35, became known as the “Holiday Bandit” after committing a spree of bank robberies in the New York area last Christmas. Mikhaylich robbed 9 banks in order to support his addiction to heroin. The bandit was finally tracked down to an apartment in Kew Gardens after a police investigation. Mikhaylich pleaded guilty to nine bank robbery counts and one count of brandishing a firearm and faces up to 205 months in prison and. Read More: New York Post

Hundreds Rally to Save Postal Service

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Hundreds of postal workers rallied in Bayside on Tuesday, September 27 to save the nation’s postal service and to seek support for a bill they say would pull the postal service out of its financial shortfall.

As part of a national campaign, all 435 congressional districts throughout the country united in their common cause to spread awareness about the real root of the deficit — a congressional mandate that requires the United States Postal Service (USPS) to “pre-fund 75 years worth of future retiree health benefits within just 10 years,” according to national postal unions.

According to the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), the legal mandate costs the USPS $5.5 billion annually and accounts for 100 percent of the postal service’s $20 billion losses over the past four years.

“We’re asking for a little leeway to be allowed to dip into that fund to cover day to day expenses if needed or to make arrangements so there would be some cash flow,” said Trevor Stuart, president of the Mail Handlers Union branch in Flushing.

More than 200 postal workers and supporters gathered outside Congressmember Gary Ackerman’s office to spread awareness of the proposed legislation, H.R. 1351, that seeks to alleviate post office deficits.

“You’re still people on the job working to really deliver in a real substantial way for the American people,” said Ackerman, a cosponsor of the bill. “You work every single day no matter how tough the weather, six days a week – and some of you even more. Let’s keep it that way.”

Mail handler John Dreyfus told The Courier that he’s concerned for his future.

“We’re already rushing around because people have already been moved around or let go. If we have to move, I would have to work two or three times as hard. It’s just going to be a little more difficult. Something has to give here.”

Dreyfus, 58, works at the Queens Processing and Distribution Center in Flushing.

Due to drastic declines in mail volume, state and nationwide, the center may be closed or consolidated, according to the USPS. It joins 255 other centers nationwide that are at risk of being shut down.

“I met a lot of good people here. I would be sad to see this facility go because I really feel like it supports a great community here,” he said.

According to the USPS, annual mail volume has declined by more than 43 billion pieces in the past five years and is continuing to decline. Total first-class mail has dropped 25 percent and single piece first-class mail — letters bearing postage stamps — has declined 36 percent in the same timeframe.

“Has the mail gotten less? Yes,” said Mark Sobel, NALC director of the Flushing branch. “Is it ready to go out of business? No.”