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Ridgewood artist’s logo chosen for first Polish Bilingual Day celebration

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Photo by Kelly Marie Mancuso


Polish-American artist and Ridgewood resident Beata Slazak Zalewski was recently honored when her original design was chosen by the Polish Foreign Ministry as the logo for America’s first Polish Bilingual Day Festival.

The festival was created by the New York-based Dobra Polska Szkola Foundation in conjunction with other local Polish schools and organizations to celebrate and preserve Polish language, culture and traditions.

Dobra Polska Szkola, which is translated in English as “a good Polish school,” is an online magazine and organization first founded back in 2010 by editor-in-chief Marta Kustek as a small blog. Over the past four years, Dobra Polska Szkola has evolved into a major source of knowledge and information for Polish-Americans.

The group’s main focus is to help foster an appreciation for bilingual education within Polish-American communities through film, literature and history.

“We are encouraging them to read Polish, to speak Polish, to be more interested in Polish culture,” Kustek explained. “Because most of them were born here, it’s not so easy for them to do this. Polish culture is very rich and Polish history is very interesting, so we’re encouraging them to remember.”

Polish Bilingual Day grew out a project first launched in 2011 by Dobra Polska Szkola called “W Naszym Domu Mowimy Po Polsku,” or “In our home, we speak Polish.” In 2015, Dobra Polska Szkola received funding from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an effort to help launch the first Polish Bilingual Day nationwide.

The Polish government will declare the second Saturday of October as Polish Bilingual Day through a special ceremony this Sunday, Sept. 13, at the Polish consulate in Manhattan. Zalewski will also be on hand for the unveiling of her colorful logo.

For her design, Zalewski chose to paint a rooster, a prominent symbol of Polish folk art usually portrayed in black and white amid colorful flowers. Zalewski broke with tradition and took a more modern approach, infusing the rooster with vibrant colors and a dash of whimsy. The rooster’s bright tail feathers contain the Polish words “witaj,” “co” and “czesc,” along with their English counterparts “hello,” “what” and “hi.” Her design will be featured on pins, T-shirts and posters throughout the 2015 festival.


Beata Slazak Zalewski’s logo design based on Polish folk art. (Photo courtesy of Dobra Polska Szkola)

The celebration aims to educate young generations of Polish-American children about Poland’s rich history while encouraging them to learn and engage in the language of their ancestors. The festival will highlight the achievements and contributions of Polish-Americans, including Janusz Liberkowski, creator of the safety seat for children, and Maksymilian Faktorowicz, better known to the world as the founder of cosmetics company Max Factor.

The holiday will also honor other notable figures, such as bulletproof vest inventors Kazinierz Zeglen and Jan Szczepanik, as well as Kazimierz Funk, a Polish biochemist credited with being among the first to formulate the concept of vitamins, which he called “vital amines” or “vitamines,” in 1912.

The first annual Polish Bilingual Day will be celebrated nationwide on Saturday, Oct. 10. A local celebration will be held on that day at P.S. 71, located at 62-85 Forest Ave. in Ridgewood, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The festivities will include an art exhibit, educational talks, Polish folk dancing and a celebration of Polish cuisine, from pierogi and paczki to bigos and more. Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

For more information, visit www.DobraPolskaSzkola.com.


Police involved in Sean Bell shooting get canned

| mpantelidis@queenscourier.com


Police involved in Sean Bell shooting get canned

The cops that gunned down Sean Bell, the Queens man killed on his wedding day in a 50-shot fusillade, will be drummed out of the department, the NYPD said Friday.

Detective Gescard Isnora, who fired the shot that touched off the senseless 2006 killing, was found to have violated department guidelines by shooting his weapon while undercover. He will be fired and will not get a pension or health benefits.

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College student killed by L train after drunken man attacked him and pushed him onto tracks

A LaGuardia Community College student was killed by a Brooklyn subway train Friday, after a boozed-up straphanger started a fight and the the tussle spilled onto the tracks.

JoshuaBasin, 20, was riding an eastbound L train to go to his girlfriend’s house in Long Island when a drunken man began berating him and his two friends before theBedford Ave.stop inWilliamsburg, sources and a friend said.

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Whistleblowing NYPD sergeant had a hand in crime spike in Queens precinct: sources

A whistleblowing NYPD sergeant had a hand in the monstrous spike in crime that plagued a Queens precinct last year when his scrutiny of fellow cops’ official reports prompted them to properly classify a wave of felony complaints, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

For doing his job, Sgt. Robert Borrelli was banished to an abysmal night shift at Central Booking in the basement of theSouth Bronxcriminal courthouse, the sources said.

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Queens Borough President Helen Marshall’s daughter works at Aqueduct racino

As the gaming giant behind the Aqueduct racino pushes its lawmaker allies for a shot at full casino gambling, Genting’s hire of one employee in particular is coming under scrutiny from watchdogs.

That employee, Agnes Marshall, is the daughter of Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, an influential force inQueensDemocratic politics. Helen Marshall could be a valuable ally for Genting given its long-term ambitions, which include a convention center and the conversion of its racino to a full-fledged casino, watchdogs said.

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Lawyer: Redinel Dervishaj acted in self-defense in fatal stabbing of groom-to-be Antonio Lacertosa

One day after aStaten Island groom-to-be was laid to rest, a lawyer for his accused killer claimed his client had acted in self-defense.

Redinel Dervishaj, 35, was arraigned Friday on murder charges in the stabbing of Antonio Lacertosa, 27, during a brawl following the victim’s engagement party. The reputed Albanian gangster, who was caught at a relative’s home inIllinoisthree days ago, pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail.

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Syrian troops stormed northwestern town: activists

BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian troops backed by tanks stormed a northwestern town on Saturday in the latest of a series of pushes by regime forces into rebel-held areas, but faced strong resistance from defending army defectors, activists said.

The British-Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees said the troops entered Saraqeb from the north and were advancing amid heavy shelling.

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NYPD detectives crack 30-year-old unsolved murder of Holocaust survivor who fled Poland

A fingerprint left on a ransacked jewelry box helped cops crack the case of a Holocaust survivor who was strangled in his Queens apartment nearly 32 years ago.
The arrest of a convicted robber for Cecil Schiff’s brutal murder stunned a former neighbor who was close to the victim’s widow, Gertrude, and lived in their Flushing building.
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Obama puts Trayvon in a ‘son’ light

WASHINGTON— President Obama yesterday cast a national spotlight on the racially charged killing of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, telling the nation, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Taking a rare personal tack, Obama took on the wrenchingFloridacase during an unrelated Rose Garden ceremony — stopping unexpectedly to answer a reporter’s question about the shooting.

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