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Successful charity auction at LIC Flea, Ping Pong Open this weekend

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

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The LIC Flea & Food saw great success this past weekend as the LIC Flea Charity Auction raised $1,000 for autistic and developmentally challenged children in Queens.

The popular Long Island City flea market, located at the outdoor lot on the corner of Fifth Street and 46th Avenue, held a charity auction on Aug. 16 with the duo known as The Locker Rockers and auctioneer John Luke of A&E’s “Storage Wars: New York.”

The Locker Rockers are made up of Cary “The Flipper” Zimbler and Thomas “The Nose” Preston. Just like in “Storage Wars,” the duo finds units that are being foreclosed or seized and they bid to win the contents of the storage containers. The duo currently has storage facilities of their own with items such as jewelry, furniture, sports memorabilia and antiques.
Auctioneer John Luke, born and raised in North Harlem, has been in the auction business for 15 years.

During the charity auction, the group auctioned off vintage and unique items they have found in storage lockers and also items furnished and donated by LIC Flea vendors Frittering Away, Jewel Dripped, Fiza Fashion, C3Brix, Bazaar à GoGo, Imran Jewels, A Spoonful of Brownies, Drink More Good, Razor Day, Queens Pop Photo and The Locker Rockers.

They were able to help raise $1,000 which will all go to support Life’s WORC, a private, nonprofit organization offering care for people with developmental disabilities in Queens and Long Island.

This upcoming Saturday, Aug. 23, the LIC Flea & Food will be holding its 2nd Annual Ping Pong Open just days before the US Open launches in Queens. Winners will get great prizes and bragging rights. To sign up click here.

LIC Flea & Food is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will be back on Sundays starting in September.

In Astoria, the Astoria Flea & Food at Kaufman Astoria Studios will only be open for two more Sundays at the outdoor backlot of Kaufman Astoria Studios at 36th Street and 35th Avenue.
The flea market offers the best in food, drinks, antiques, clothing, art, accessories and much more.

Initially the Astoria Flea was expected to run for only eight consecutive Sundays starting in May, but it now will stay open until Aug. 31.

The market is open Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This weekend Astoria native DJ Johnny Seriuss will be spinning tunes once again at both flea markets.



Cardozo impresses as first-ever PSAL ping-pong season draws to a close

| lguerre@queenscourier.com

THE COURIER/Photos by Liam La Guerre

For 13 years Benjamin Cardozo physics teacher Joshua Glasel has been the coordinator of the school’s table tennis club.

Glasel, who played table tennis recreationally for 16 years, had asked the school’s athletic directors for years about the sport — also known as ping-pong — being included in the PSAL. His inquiries were shut down year after year, and eventually he stopped asking.

Then, the PSAL decided to finally include the sport in its long list of athletic programs last year and administrators came to Glasel’s table tennis club to ask if he was interested in forming a team.

“I was like, ‘Finally,’” said Glasel, who is now coach of the boys table tennis team. “We’ve had a club for 13 years and we have had years like this one when we’ve had some good players, but there was nowhere to exhibit [their talents].”

The PSAL added ping-pong this year, bringing its variety of sports to nearly 30. This season started in March with just 12 schools, separated in two divisions of six teams for both boys and girls.

That was reduced to just four schools each for boys and girls in the recent city playoffs, and Cardozo’s teams survived to the semifinals where they met Stuyvesant on May 19 for a chance to go to the first-ever PSAL table tennis championship.

Cardozo’s boys team (8-2 PSAL) was shut out in the best of five matches series by Stuyvesant, 5-0, to end their season.

However, the girls team (9-1 PSAL) dominated with a 4-1 victory in their respective series to advance to the championship round. Sophomore Jenny Chen, the team’s best player, routed her opponent (11-0, 11-5, 11-3).

Chen, a six-year veteran of the sport, was influenced by friends to join the team after it was created, because of her experience playing in various leagues and tournaments outside of school. She was a member of Cardozo’s handball team, but quit to possibly help Cardozo win the first-ever ping-pong championship.

“Everyone kept telling me to join because I could make history,” Chen said. “If we win first place, [ping-pong] would be more known in the school. A lot of people make fun of ping-pong and they think it’s not a real sport, but if we could bring back a trophy, it’ll show it’s actually a pretty serious sport.”

The PSAL will move table tennis to the winter schedule, meaning teams won’t have to wait for spring 2015 for the next season. The league also plans to expand the number of schools in the divisions, which could mean more competition.

Many players are excited for the competition, but for some graduating students it’s a dream come true a little too late.

“With it more as a sport, it’s only going to expand,” senior Cardozo boys player Jingyih Lee said. “Next year there will be more competition and it’ll just bring out better players. If the sport had developed earlier, I would have had a chance to take my game to the next level.”




LIC Flea’s first Ping Pong Open a success

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Photo Courtesy of Tricia Reed

The ping pong balls were bouncing back and forth this past weekend as LIC Flea & Food hosted its first Ping Pong Open.

On August 24 and 25, 50 people took part in the free table tennis tournament, making it a huge success and fun-filled weekend.

Patrick Geraghty, 36, from Sunnyside became the first champion of the Ping Pong Open.

Yet, according to his fiancée and LIC Flea vendor Tricia Reed, of Reed Chic Boutique, this wasn’t his first time holding a paddle. As a teenager, Geraghty played on the national ping pong team in Ireland before coming to the United States.

“I hadn’t played properly in a long time,” said Geraghty. “It was good to get back to it.”

After seeing the LIC Flea newsletter promoting the tournament, Reed told Geraghty to participate and after 20 years of being away from the table, he decided to play once again.

“He was excited. I was excited to see him play because I had never seen him play,” said Reed. “Everyone was talking about his serve.”

Geraghty took home two tickets to the US Open, which Reed said they used to attend an August 27 tennis match, a $25 TD Bank gift card and $60 to spend at LIC Flea.

LIC Flea & Food is located at 5-25 46th Avenue in Long Island City. It is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through the end of October and will be open Labor Day weekend.