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Whitestone co-op board sues to get rid of pet pig

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A porky problem is rattling one Whitestone cooperative.

Danielle Forgione lives in the Clearview Gardens co-op with her husband, six kids and their pet pig, Petey.

“He is as gentle as a big, cuddly bear,” Forgione said about her porcine pal.

However, the co-op’s Board of Directors is suing the city’s Health Department, saying they want the pig out, according to unofficial court documents.

In December, co-op officials discovered Petey living on the premises, and after investigating a complaint, the Health Department said the oinker had to go no later than July 1. But, despite putting their condo up for sale in January, the Forgiones haven’t been able to move out.

Since adopting Petey, the family has received several citations from the Health Department, including one stating they “dispose” of their pet. However, Forgione said she has been in contact with the Health Department and that the pig “is here legally.”

“I’m not looking to defy the law,” she said. “We’ve been cooperating with the Health Department. They know he’s here.”

The family picked up Petey after Forgione’s brother, Peter, was killed in a motorcycle accident in March 2012. She was searching for a pet to console her children, but ran into a problem when she discovered their six-year-old son had a pet dander allergy The Courier reported in February.

With that, a pediatrician suggested they consider a pig, and Petey, named after Forgione’s late brother, became part of the family.

But the Board claimed Petey is “dangerous to the public,” and has the potential to bite and scratch other residents in the 1,800-family cooperative, according to unofficial court documents.

They also said the animal is being walked around the common property within Clearview Gardens and has “placed residents in fear.”

Forgione denies those claims and said Petey has never come into contact with anybody else, and that if anything, people ask to take a picture.

Since news of the lawsuit surfaced, Forgione said she has neither been served any papers nor heard from any Clearview Gardens officials. The city Law Department additionally said they have yet to receive the case.

Clearview Gardens management did not return multiple requests for comment as of press time.

In the meantime, Petey will stay with the Forgiones until they can find a more “pig-friendly” home.

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