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Cops feted for robbery arrest

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THE COURIER/Photo by Maggie Hayes

The Jamaica Rotary held its monthly meeting to honor the precincts’ Cops of the Month for going above and beyond the call of duty.

“It’s great police work,” said NYPD Assistant Chief Kevin Ward, commanding officer of Patrol Borough Queens South. “They had to work hard at it, but that’s what good police work is about.”

“There really is no luck. We put ourselves in that position by analyzing data. You put yourself in the position to get lucky,” he continued.

Inspector Charles McEvoy, the 103rd Precinct’s Commanding Officer, recognized two of his men, Sergeant Anzelmo Giovannniello and Officer Michael Desetto, for their exceptional work over the past few months.

The precinct had records of four gunpoint robberies within an area off of Liberty Avenue and the Van Wyck Expressway, committed by a young male armed with a silver revolver. Each time, the suspect took a victim’s phone and a small amount of money.

On September 10, the two officers witnessed a young male standing by himself. They knew not to spook him, so Giovannniello walked away from the patrol car, and Desetto pulled up to the suspect. He pulled out the silver revolver, fled the scene and ran right into Giovannniello.

After apprehending the suspect, cops found the suspect, a 19-year-old male, was responsible for five incidents, and “undoubtedly there would have been a number six,” McEvoy said, and the two officers closed out the five robberies in one fell swoop.

“That’s what this city’s about and what the police department is about,” Ward said.




Queens NYPD assistant chief to head Manhattan North command

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Photo courtesy the Queens Borough President's Office

One head honcho Queens cop is moving out of the borough and heading up.

Assistant Chief James Secreto finished his three-and-a-half year post as commander of Patrol Borough Queens South on Wednesday. He now heads the Manhattan North command.

“I really love Queens,” Secreto said. “I had a good team. It’s bittersweet.”

Secreto, a former resident of Queens Village, took command of Patrol Borough Queens South in January 2010. He has previously headed the Queens narcotics unit and the NYPD’s School Safety Division.

Manhattan North is Secreto’s 18th command in his 34-year career in the police department, he said. He has come full circle, returning to the department he started in as a rookie.

“I’m coming back to where I started,” he said. “Manhattan is the mecca of the world. The police commissioner having confidence to put me here means a lot.”

Secreto said the high-profile post will come with a lot of responsibility. His command oversees Washington Heights, Harlem, East Harlem, Central Park, the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side.

“There [are] some great communities up there and some great people,” he said. “The commander I replaced was telling me this is a special place. I think I’ll see that in time.”

Staten Island’s former command leader, Assistant Chief Kevin Ward, will take Secreto’s Queens post.





Queens South honors fallen officer

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Police officers from the 102nd, 106th and 113th Precincts gathered at Villa Russo on Wednesday, February 27 for the monthly meeting of the Jamaica Rotary Club to honor the 25th anniversary of the death of NYPD officer Edward “Eddie” Byrne.

Byrne was a police officer working in Jamaica when he was killed on February 26, 1988 after a drug kingpin reportedly ordered his murder. He was five days away from turning 22. His homicide became a turning point in the city’s war on crime.

Joe Iaboni, president of the Jamaica Rotary Club, said the meetings are a time to honor the memory of Byrne, especially during the anniversary of his death and the actions of the new generation of police officers who work to make the city safe.

Several cops from the three precincts, which make up the Patrol Borough Queens South, were honored at the ceremony, receiving the Eddie R. Byrne “Cop of the Month” award at the club’s monthly meeting. Sergeant Sonia Christian and police officers Anthony Canale and Joseph Algerio from the 113th Precinct received the award for actions above and beyond the call of duty.



Jamaica Rotary has respect for officers’ hard work

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Five officers from Patrol Borough Queens South were honored recently by the Jamaica Rotary for their work above and beyond the call of duty and for keeping Queens’ streets safe.

“I really want to thank you guys that work together and make the neighborhood much better and much safer,” said Joe Iaboni, president of the Jamaica Rotary, which honors deserving officers each month. “For the number of police officers you guys have, you’re doing a great, great job. I don’t know how you do it. It is really amazing to see the sweat you put into it.”

Deputy Inspector Charles McEvoy of the 103rd Precinct honored two officers, Rey Alvarez and Craig Michels, whose apprehension of a thief was due to the dedication and work put in prior to the robberies.

Alvarez would regularly go to McEvoy’s office asking for pictures of problematic individuals and make contact with them, the Deputy Inspector said. One of these individuals committed a forced robbery of a cell phone on Thursday, October 20. About four blocks away the suspect committed another robbery. Alvarez recognized the individual, which led to an all-out pursuit by Michels and Alvarez. The officers apprehended both suspects responsible for the robberies and they are still incarcerated and awaiting trial.

From the 102nd Precinct, Deputy Inspector Armando DeLeon commended Officer Lee Petrovits for his apprehension of a sexual assault suspect that fled the scene of the crime. The victim was attacked from behind as she walked home and had rings and her pocketbook stolen. The suspect said he would give them back if she had sex with him. Her screaming alerted neighbors, causing the suspect to flee. Petrovits canvassed the area and proceeded to locate the individual in a backyard. After leaping over a few fences in pursuit of the individual, the suspect was apprehended.

Officer Mike Cozier of the 106th Precinct was feted by Captain Thomas Pascale for taking into custody an armed robbery suspect.
On October 15 at 4:30 a.m. on Liberty Avenue, two individuals, one armed with a gun, entered a restaurant and demanded the property of those inside.

Cozier was flagged down by one of the complainants who pointed out the perp, allowing Cozier to take him into custody.

“It sounds pretty routine, but Mike did a lot of extra work. Normally this is saved for investigative units,” said Pascale. “That area was loaded with ARGUS cameras. This robbery took place right in between two ARGUS cameras.”

Executive Officer Craig Adelman of the 113th Precinct lauded Officer Ryan Schmidt for apprehending a sexual assault suspect with seven prior arrests.

“With the dedicated work of members of the New York City Police Department and the relationship we have with the communities we serve, we were able to apprehend a sexual predator,” said Adelman.

On October 17, a female victim was dragged down from behind by the suspect, who tried to touch her inappropriately. The victim was able to fight him off and he fled the location. Schmidt was alerted by witnesses to the possible location of the suspect. He canvassed the area and gained entrance into the house where the suspect was apprehended and positively identified. He was charged with sexual abuse and forcible touching and is currently being held without bail and awaiting trial.

Assistant Chief of Queens South James Secreto spoke and commended the officers for the terrific job they do.
“You guys are out there where the rubber meets the road, and I have nothing but the most admiration and respect for what you do every day,” he said. “There’s no telling what the city would be like without you guys.”

“Cops of the Month” Honored by Jamaica Rotary

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Police pride was in full force on October 26, as the Jamaica Rotary honored the boys in blue from Patrol Borough Queens South (PBQS).

Rotary President Joe Iaboni commenced the ceremony by making note of Veteran’s Day on November 11 and praising all who have served in the armed forces, as well as the NYPD.

“Without the veterans we wouldn’t have what we have right now – peace,” said Iaboni. “Also, let’s show respect to the police department for the great work they do in the community.”

Deputy Inspector Charles McEvoy, Commanding Officer of the 103rd Precinct, was the first to present the “Cop of the Month” award to Officer Matt Rehman and Sergeant Donald Kipp.

The officers earned the distinction for an arrest they made during the early hours of Saturday, August 13. Rahman and Kipp, dressed in plainclothes and stationed in an unmarked car, noticed a dispute in an area plagued by gang violence. When they confronted one of the individuals, they witnessed a .32 caliber revolver in his possession. After a short foot pursuit, the officers apprehended the suspect, a 22-year-old male, who has been indicted on criminal charges.

“It certainly was a good arrest in an area where we have some gang issues,” said McEvoy.

From the 113th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Miltiadis Marmara commended the teamwork of a pair of officers from the night anti-crime unit during two recent arrests. Officers Jason Zummo and James Zozzaro made the first arrest when they noticed a suspicious individual casing a local grocery store. When they pulled him over, the individual fled. The officers pursued and arrested him with a .9 mm handgun, a bulletproof vest and ammunition.

During the second incident, the officers witnessed an individual holding a gun and quickly apprehended him. In the suspect’s possession were a loaded .22 caliber revolver and 70 Ecstasy pills.

“Because of the tactics and teamwork they used, they were able to apprehend him without anyone getting injured and no shots fired,” said Marmara.

Officers Tommy Scalise and Vic Sadarangani were honored from the 106th Precinct for their work during a highly publicized grand larceny case. On Monday, October 3, a 31-year-old woman was robbed of her iPhone 4 on Liberty Avenue in the vicinity of 111th Street. Due to the help of iGotcha, an iPhone application which took a photograph of the suspect when he unsuccessfully tried to unlock the phone and then emailed it to the victim, Officers Scalise and Sadarangani were able to identify the perpetrator when they saw him walking down the street.

“It was just good work on the part of Officers Scalise and Sadarangani that helped us get the right guy,” said Captain Thomas Pascale, Commanding Officer of the 106th Precinct.

Captain Martin Briffa of the 102nd Precinct recognized Officers Carmine Semioli and Stephen David for their work in connection with the arrests of threesuspects, including two 14 year olds, on August 26.

“It is great to get [the young perpetrators] off the street early enough,” said Briffa. “Hopefully they can get some help.”

The officers responded to a robbery on Atlantic Avenue, where they found two wounded victims. After an extensive search of the neighborhood, two of the three suspects were apprehended. The officers witnessed the third suspect running across the Van Wyck Expressway. They gave his description, and he was quickly arrested by the 103rd Precinct.

Assistant Chief James Secreto of PBQS expressed his pride in the performances of the officers in attendance.

“I want to thank the men and women being honored here,” said Secreto. “You are doing a great job.”