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Parents say school rezoning puts kids in danger

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Parents say a District 24 rezoning proposal has crossed the lines.

The Division of Portfolio Planning in the city’s education department presented a rezoning draft, which targets overcrowding, at the Community Education Council (CEC) D24 meeting at P.S. 305 on September 12. But following an incident in which an SUV jumped the curb on Grand Avenue and injured five students, the plan drew heavy backlash from parents in attendance because some students will have to cross dangerous intersections.

Based on the plans, students would have to cross Queens Boulevard, the so-called “Boulevard of Death,” to get to P.S. 229 from the newly expanded northern area. Also, some children that formerly would be zoned for P.S. 229 will be instead moved to P.S. 153, which may force them to cross the Long Island Expressway via Maurice Avenue.

“You can’t even drive down Maurice Avenue, how are [children] going to walk,” said Sinead McGillen, a parent from P.S. 229. “Just leave us alone, we are happy where we are.”

The proposal will adjust zones based on neighborhood populations, and representatives from Portfolio Planning said they are confident every school will see reductions in congestion in future years.

“It’s definitely going to lower overcrowding,” said CEC D24 president Nick Comaianni. “Is it going to be enough? That’s yet to be seen. In my 10 years as president it’s never been enough. You build it, and it gets filled up.”

The zone changes would only affect incoming kindergarten students in the 2014-2015 school year, meaning that current students won’t change schools. Representatives of Portfolio Planning said they are also considering allowing siblings to stay in the same schools if there is space.

The plan was introduced to the parents for their feedback.

Portfolio Planning staffers took note of the troubled streets parents brought up during the meeting and they plan to reconfigure the proposal and meet with the CEC again on September 24.

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Grover Cleveland High School Gives Back

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I would like to thank the staff and students of Grover Cleveland High School for hosting the Fall Festival on Friday, October 28 for the students and parents of P.S. 153.  Everyone who attended had a great time.

The students from Grover Cleveland really put in a lot of effort and time to make it a great night for all the children who attended.  People complain about the school, but the students I met on Friday are getting a very good education and they are learning to give back to the community by participating in these events.  I hope there will be more events like this at the school in the future so people can see what a great job the staff is doing there too.

The best part of the Fall Festival was the haunted house.  The students acted like characters from various horror movies and other spooky characters.  They really scared the kids and parents.

The students were also very patient with the children.  There were plenty of activities, and people were there to explain the activities to the children who attended.  All the students and staff that I encountered at the school were friendly and knowledgeable.


Charlene L. Stubbs