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Wills calls on John Thomas to turn himself in

| brennison@queenscourier.com

Photo courtesy of Councilmember Ruben Wills

Three weeks after police officer Craig Bier was shot, a local politician is calling for the alleged gunman to turn himself in to authorities.

Police identified John Thomas, 24, of Queens, as a suspect in the shooting of Bier on August 8, offering a $32,000 reward.

Councilmember Ruben Wills held a press conference on Wednesday, August 29 calling for Thomas to turn himself in.

Wills pointed to a “chorus of voices” in the community — including leaders, residents and the family of the alleged shooter — that believes the suspect should surrender to aid in the ongoing investigation and secure his safety.

Bier became the 10th NYPD officer shot this year earlier this month as he and his partner approached Thomas in Jamaica. As the suspect fled, Bier cut off his escape route and the two exchanged fire. Bier was hit in each leg.

“The recent gun violence is sending shock waves throughout the community and I believe this is the first step for this community to become an active and responsible partner in bringing our community to a peaceful state,” Wills said.


Police officer shot in Harlem

| brennison@queenscourier.com

An NYPD officer was shot in Harlem just before 4:30 p.m. today, police said.

The officer was shot in the left arm during a chase with a perp that left the suspect dead.

The perp, a black male in his 50s, was shot in the chest and declared dead on the scene, according to police.

The shooting occurred at West 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue.  The officer, who reports say was part of the Queens violent felony squad, was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.