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City newsstands may sell higher-priced goods

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Official NYC Council photo by William Alatriste.

The city’s newsstands could become more than just a place to stop for a periodical and pack of gum.

Newly proposed legislation would raise the price limit for selling products at newsstands from $5 to $10 pre-tax.

The City Council increased the maximum price from $2 to $5 in 2001, but prices of in-demand products, such as umbrellas and chargers, have gone up since that time.

The increase will also allow consumers to have more options when it comes to purchasing batteries, earphones, city guides and other products. Newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and prepaid calling or transit cards are exempt from the price limit.

“Over 11 years ago, in his very first bill signing as mayor, Mike Bloomberg gave sidewalk newsstands a raise,” said Counsel to the NYC Newsstand Operators Association Robert Bookman. “Well after 11 years, we need another one. With the support of Speaker Quinn and the Council leadership, this bill will help keep these iconic New York street institutions in business and help them moms and pops that run them make a decent living. There were once over 1,500 sidewalk newsstands in the city–today there are about 300. We want to make sure we don’t lose any more of them.”

Sponsored by Councilmember Karen Koslowitz, the legislation will be introduced to the City Council on May 22.