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Sunnyside man caught with stun guns, machete in luggage: PA

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Photos courtesy of Port Authority

A Sunnyside man allegedly on his way to a movie shoot in Dubai was busted with an array of weapons in his luggage at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Jalil Dewan, 57, was due to depart from the airport the day before Thanksgiving when TSA agents discovered the contraband in his checked baggage, according to the Port Authority.

An inspection found that the bags contained two stun guns, pellet guns, starter pistols, four boxes of pellets and a machete.


Jalil Dewan

Dewan admitted the bags belonged to him and indicated he was flying to a film shoot in Dubai Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Port Authority police confiscated the items and Dewan was arrested. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon for the stun guns and received a desk appearance ticket.




Queens’ Morning Roundup – 11/09/2011: Queens Landlord Kills Tenant Before Committing Suicide

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morning roundup

No parole again for killer of NYC’s Kitty Genovese

The man who killed Kitty Genovese has been denied parole for the 15th time in a case that became notorious after reports that neighbors in her quiet New York City neighborhood failed to act as they heard the victim’s screams. Read More: Wall Street Journal


Queens Landlord Kills Tenant Before Committing Suicide

Neighbors widely knew that the owner of 111-11 143rd Street in South Jamaica, Queens wanted the tenants on the top floor and basement out of his house, due to a long-running dispute over rent. But on Tuesday, it became bloody in an apparent murder-suicide. Police said the home owner, 62-year-old Eulith Reid, chopped his 48-year-old basement tenant Hettie Patterson in the head with a machete, killing her. He then stabbed himself in the neck and also died. They were pronounced dead in Jamaica Hospital. Read More: NY1


Aqueduct Racino Pulls In $15M During First Stretch

The new casino at Aqueduct Racetrack is on a big winning streak, but not without some small bumps along the way. Watch the video: NY1


Queens group builds housing and new lives for former inmates  

For women leaving prison, one of the greatest challenges is finding a stable place to live. That’s why nonprofit group Hour Children is creating affordable housing in Long Island City for formerly incarcerated women trying to rebuild their lives. Read More: Daily News


Long Island City housing complex plagued by shootings

Constant fear caused by frequent shootings has left the residents of Astoria Houses in a frenzy. The housing development, located at 4-20 Astoria Boulevard in Long Island City, has been plagued by gun violence for years, according to the people who call the houses home. Read More: Queens Courier