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Bayside’s M.S. 158 looks for alumni to celebrate 60th anniversary

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Photo courtesy of Diane Verlaque-Rosolen

Bayside’s M.S. 158 is looking for alumni to help celebrate the school’s 60th anniversary.

Administrators at the Marie Curie Middle School are inviting former students to its Oct. 3 fall festival with current middle-schoolers and their families. Alumni will be encouraged to reminisce on their formative experiences in the school during a walk-through tour given by student ambassadors, and class pictures from throughout the years will be on view.

According to Principal Marie Nappi, alumni are also encouraged to participate in an upcoming career day to show current students how far they can go after an education at M.S. 158. The school is also looking to start an alumni association to have a stable level of funds to beautify the school.

Nappi said having a relationship with alumni will add to what is already an involved community at the school.

“It’s because of the great community and parents, students and staff, and the dedication we all have for our students and for education,” said Nappi, who has served as principal for the last decade. “That’s what led to our 60 years of excellence.”

Retired M.S. 158 teacher Mary O’Sullivan says that the programs at the Bayside school are exceptional in many ways, especially its musical bands which have won several state awards.

“What made me stay there so long? You wouldn’t want to leave a school that good,” said O’Sullivan, who retired this year after teaching at M.S. 158 since 1989. “It was an excellent school and it still is.”

Former M.S. 158 student Gregg Sullivan still has great memories of the school although he graduated many years ago, and even shared a middle school secret which would likely have embarrassed his younger self.

“M.S. 158 was a beautiful transition and right of passage for us that took us from childhood into puberty and adolescence,” Sullivan said. “I had my first crush on a teacher there: Ms. Jacobs. Anyone who reads this and was a student of hers will know what I mean.”

Any M.S. 158 alumni interested in being a part of the 60th anniversary celebration or volunteering as a career day participant should email the school at info@ms158pta.com.


Bayside Beacon program saved

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A beloved Bayside Beacon program has survived yet another year of budget cuts.

The City Council fully restored next year’s funding to the after-school enrichment program at M.S. 158 Marie Curie.

It was slated for closure, just as it was last year when the Department of Youth and Community Development tried to shut down seven Beacons across the city.

“Our after-school programs are vital community resources,” said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, “and now Bayside’s children will be able to continue to utilize these valuable services.”

Martenia Miller, site director of the school’s Beacon program, called it a “support system” that has worked for 20 years.

She added it is the only such program within Community Board 11.

More than 100 students take part in the enrichment program daily.

“These cuts would have been detrimental to the safety and well-being of the children in my district,” said Assemblymember Ed Braunstein.

Beacon operates after school, on weekends, school holidays and throughout the summer. It provides help on homework along with leadership and skill growth for both youths and adults.

“We fought to ensure that our community was not short-changed,” said Assemblymember Nily Rozic. “Together we will work to continue these invaluable services that every family deserves and make sure that our students’ education is always a priority.”

The Council maintained funding for the city’s 66 Beacon programs.