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Kiwanis koalas to ‘tie knot’ at ‘beary’ sweet Maspeth fundraiser

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Photo courtesy of J.P. DiTroia

Kiwanis Queens West is hosting a special “mascot wedding” fundraiser to support the Eliminate Project, which hopes to end maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) by providing immunization shots to mothers and infants in need. The fundraiser will take place at O’Neill’s Restaurant in Maspeth on Saturday, March 21.

“Our Kiwanis members of Queens West are fun-loving and have very big hearts,” said Lieutenant Governor of Kiwanis Queens West J.P. DiTroia. “We are hoping to draw 50 or more [attendees] since all the net proceeds will go to Project Eliminate to save babies.”

The theme of the evening’s fundraiser will be the wedding of the Kiwanis Queens West mascot, Kiwally the Kiwanian, and his girlfriend Kiwanna, both stuffed koala bear dolls.

There is a $65 donation that includes dinner and entertainment at the event, with all proceeds going to the Eliminate Project.

“I always set my goals high. If we raise $2,000 It would be great. But we would be happy with $1,000 as well,” DiTroia said of the fundraiser. “That would save 500 babies since it costs $2 to give a baby the shot for tetanus.”

Each year, an estimated 60,000 babies and a large number of women die from this disease. The disease causes the newborns to have repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.

“That’s what Kiwanis does with UNICEF, they get the babies the needed shot to protect them,” DiTroia said.

In order to stop MNT, over 100 million mothers and their children must be immunized. That will require vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, the services of skilled staff and much more.

To do this, “Kiwanis International has set a goal to raise $110 million in five years. We are in our fifth year and internationally, we…have raised over $72 million,” DiTroia explained. “In our New York State Kiwanis District we have raised over $1 million, and in my great district Queens West Kiwanis, of which I am the proud lieutenant governor, we have raised over $32,000, and that is in addition to all the other worthy projects that our 17 Kiwanis clubs perform for the communities that they live in.”

For more information on Project Eliminate, click here.


Ozone Park Kiwanis gets new president

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Photo Courtesy of Nick Beneduce

Victor Rodriguez, a plumbing supply owner, has taken over as president of the Ozone Park Kiwanis Club, succeeding Jonah Cohen, who had been the club’s leader for the last two years.

Rodriguez had been a vice president of the club for about the last year, Cohen said, and had run a number of events for the Kiwanis.

“He happens to be a very, very nice guy,” Cohen said. “I think he will be an asset to the organization. He’s a good leader.”

Rodriguez received the Kiwanis’ “Member of the Year” award on Saturday, September 29 at the club’s comedy show.


Kiwanis comes back to Bayside

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THE COURIER/Photo by Rosa Michaels

The Kiwanis Club is coming back to Bayside.

After a three-year hiatus, the philanthropic organization has decided to revamp its Bayside chapter, which had previously existed in the neighborhood since 1940.

Kiwanis is an international organization aimed at offering opportunities for individuals to get involved in the leadership and improvement of their community, their country, and their planet.

“We make giving back easier on the individual by doing things that an individual would not be able to do,” said William Risbrook, the current Kiwanis New York State Governor.

Kiwanis sponsors cleanup projects, as well as holiday food and toy drives. They also send underprivileged children to Kamp Kiwanis.

If you are interested in becoming a Bayside Kiwanis Club member, you can attend meetings at Bourbon Street restaurant on Bell Boulevard.

“In these economic times government can’t do everything,” said Assemblymember Ed Braunstein. “We rely on groups like Kiwanis to fill in the cracks.”

Turkeys and trimmings delivered in Middle Village

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Five families got an early start to a happy Thanksgiving, as turkeys complete with trimmings made their way to their front doors.
Courtesy of the newly-formed Middle Village Kiwanis Club, 30 turkeys were collected and distributed to local churches, two homes in Ridgewood and three in Middle Village on Tuesday, November 22.

“It was overwhelming and over-joyous for the families and even for myself. They were very grateful,” said Al Gentile, treasurer of Middle Village Kiwanis and chairperson of the club’s food drive committee. “We began to talk about everything under the sun — their trials and tribulations that are going on right now. They were very appreciative to get this help.”

Gentile said some of the families even tried to convince the Kiwanis Club to give the help to more needy people instead of them.
“It was just an unbelievable story. These are cancer victims, some of them are unemployed. It was very rewarding to know that they were going to get the baskets,” he said.

According to Middle Village Kiwanis boardmember J.P. Di Troia, the bulk of the birds will go toward Sacred Heart Parish’s food pantry, while others will be donated to Our Lady of Hope Parish, St. Matthias Parish and other local food drives.

“We’re Kiwanis. That’s what we’re about. We help the community and we help families — anybody in need. We’re ecstatic,” said his wife, Tina Di Troia, the first Middle Village Kiwanis president and longtime member of several Kiwanis’ in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The brand new group — which will be officially installed and chartered on December 7 — already is 29 members strong, and the numbers will only be growing, officials said.

“We’re finding that everyone is looking for us to join, to help us and to do more for the community, especially the children,” Tina said.
Middle Village Kiwanis members personally delivered the turkeys — and a basket of stuffing, cranberry sauce, canned vegetables and pudding — to the doors of families and local churches.

“It’s very exciting for all of us involved,” J.P. said.