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Kiwanis holds membership roundup for potential Ridgewood club

| agiudice@ridgewoodtimes.com

RIDGEWOOD TIMES/Photo by Anthony Giudice

The Queens Kiwanis family is looking to grow into Ridgewood.

Kiwanis Queens West Lieutenant Governor J.P. DiTroia held a special membership roundup and outreach meeting Thursday night to spread the word about a Kiwanis club potentially coming to Ridgewood at the TD Bank branch located on Fresh Pond Road.

“The Kiwanis is a great vehicle for individuals to get involved with the community,” DiTroia said. “Events like this have helped build the Middle Village and Forest Hills clubs. They are great networking opportunities as well.”

Currently, the fledgling Ridgewood Kiwanis Club has five members and is looking to expand. They are seeking members of the community who want to make a difference.

“We need members, but more importantly we need members that participate and are involved in the community,” said Dorothy Lancaster, member of the board of directors of the Middle Village Kiwanis Club.

The first charter member of the Ridgewood Kiwanis Club, Yogeshwar Wadhawan, joined because he was interested in helping his community and felt the Kiwanis would give him a chance to give back.

“I joined because I want to give something back to society. I have time now, I’m retired, and I wanted to give back,” Wadhawan said. “I want to help kids and veterans. The reason for joining is more important to me than being the first member in Ridgewood. It is also a good way for me to keep busy, but now it’s a different reason to stay busy. Now that I’m not working for money, I want the inner peace and satisfaction of helping people.”

For more information about becoming a Kiwanis member, watch this video.


Mount Sinai Queens hospital CEO honored by the Kiwanis Club

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For Caryn Schwab, contentment comes from the knowledge that she is positively impacting her community.

The Mount Sinai Queens hospital CEO was recently named “Woman of the Year” by the Kiwanis Club of Astoria and Long Island City, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in the area.

“As a leader of a community hospital, our work here is enormously important,” said Schwab, who has served as Mount Sinai Queens CEO for 12 years and is also a member of the board of directors of the Long Island City Business Development Corporation and the Queens Chamber of Commerce. “Hundreds of thousands of people depend on us in times of emergency and when they are ill. Having the respect and support of our community, neighbors and partners is something that my team and I have worked hard to earn. To be recognized in this way is an affirmation that we’ve been able to make a difference.”

The Kiwanis Club presents the “Woman of the Year” award to those who have dramatically improved the well-being of the residents of Queens.

“Since 1999, [Schwab] has worked tirelessly to enhance health care service and quality in our community and to improve and expand the facilities and programs at Mount Sinai Queens,” said Donna Furey, president of the Kiwanis Club of Astoria and Long Island City. ”As if that was not enough, she continues to lead efforts to further expand and modernize the facility to better serve the Queens community.”

Mount Sinai Queens is a 235-bed, adult care community hospital located in Long Island City. The staff of nearly 500 physicians primarily serves the residents of western Queens, a task that Schwab does not take lightly.

“Our patients put their trust in us to take the very best care of them when they are most in need,” she said. “Since I arrived at Mount Sinai in 1999, we’ve been working diligently to improve the quality of care, expand programs and upgrade the facilities. We’ve made enormous progress, and there’s more to be done. When I visit patients, and they share their experiences at the Hospital, it makes it very personal. There’s nothing that brings more satisfaction to me than when a patient shares they are getting excellent care and being treated well.”