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Kew Gardens woman shot in head during alleged home invasion: reports

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

A Kew Gardens woman is in critical condition after being shot in the head at home during an alleged armed robbery Sunday, according to published reports.

The 22-year-old woman was shot Feb. 9 about 9 a.m., and taken to Jamaica Hospital, reports said.

The woman’s live-in boyfriend said three armed robbers, demanding money, attacked in an apparent home invasion, according to the New York Post and New York Daily News.



70-year-old dies in possible Kew Gardens explosion

| ctumola@queenscourier.com

Updated, Tuesday, January 7, 3:10 p.m.

A man died Monday night in a possible explosion in Kew Gardens that he set off himself, officials and sources said.

Authorities, responding to a report of an explosion, found 70-year-old Alfred Mayo inside of 82-72 Austin St. about 6:30 p.m.with serious injuries to his head and torso, the FDNY and police said.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, the NYPD said.

Mayo’s death appears to be a suicide after he was killed exploding some kind of pyrotechnic device, a police source said.

The investigation is ongoing and autopsy results are pending, officials said.






NYPD, Lion Cage Shredding holds free public document shredding event at Queens Center

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com

THE COURIER/ Photo by Angy Altamirano

The NYPD is working to make sure residents begin the New Year on the right and safe foot.

Together with Lion Cage Shredding, located at 120-10 Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens and Macerich Properties, owner of Queens Center in Elmhurst, the NYPD’s Crime Prevention Section held a free document shredding public event in front of the mall on Sunday to make sure personal information does not get into the wrong hands.

“We want to help people stop becoming victims of [identity theft],” said Sergeant Raymond Morales, from the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau. “It’s important that [the documents] get destroyed properly. This is a first major step on helping prevent [identity theft].”

During the event, people were able to bring in documents with personal information, dump them into two large garbage bins and watch them be destroyed inside the Lion Cage Shredding truck.

“You have to be proactive in taking steps to protect yourself,” said Sergeant Morales.

Participants were also able to bring in their computer hard drives and watch them be destroyed, as a hole was punctured into the hard drive. People were also able to have their electronic devices registered with the NYPD Operations ID Program and sign up to receive a certificate from Lion Cage confirming the destruction of all personal information from Sunday’s event.

“I just think it’s great to do this for the community,” said Regina Pluchinotta, from Ozone Park, who brought in bags of documents to be shredded and watched as her hard drive was destroyed. “You try to be precautious and safe about it all.”

Elmhurst resident Fabian Alsultany brought in two folding shopping carts filled with documents dating back to 1999 which were taking up room in his house.

“This was a real godsend,” said Alsultany. “This just makes life a lot easier. It’s a great service for the city to offer.”

The NYPD and Lion Cage Shredding will be working together with private companies and property owners in the next 10 months to hold document shredding events throughout the five boroughs. The next stop will be in the Bronx, and later dates and locations are to be determined.

For more information on the document shredding events or any other NYPD events, visit the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau website or text “NYPD” to 22828. To find out more about Lion Cage Shredding, visit its official website or Facebook page.



11 injured in four-alarm fire at Kew Gardens apartment building

| ctumola@queenscourier.com

Photos courtesy of FDNY

Updated Wednesday, November 13 12:07 p.m.

A four-alarm blaze at a Kew Gardens apartment building Tuesday night left 11 people injured and displaced several families.

The fire started just after 7:00 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the 129th Street dwelling and extended to the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors, and an area below the roof, said the FDNY.

Eight firefighters and three residents suffered minor injuries in the blaze.  Those hurt were taken to Jamaica Hospital and North Shore Hospital, according to the fire department.

The FDNY said the blaze was under control at about 9:15 p.m.

Mireille Fabius, 81, said herself, and the other residents who live on the ground floor had to be evacuated.

”I came out and it was turmoil. We didn’t know what w as going on,” she said.

THE COURIER/Photo by Melissa Chan

The Red Cross, who sent workers to the scene to assist displaced residents, said 12 units were either destroyed by the fire or vacated as a result.

According to a spokesperson for the organization, the Red Cross had to provide emergency shelter to four households and the remaining displaced families were able to find their own housing.

-With additional reporting by Melissa Chan




Op-ed: A vote for the ages

| oped@queenscourier.com


When you vote on November 5, you will find a number of propositions on your ballot.

Proposition 6 refers to the maximum mandatory retirement age for certain judges of our state courts. In particular the proposal, which would amend Sections 2 and 25 of Article VI of the New York State Constitution, would permit justices of the Supreme Court, who now must retire at 70 years of age but can obtain three two-year extensions so that service actually can be extended to 76 years, to serve until 80 years of age. In effect, the proposal would allow justices of the Supreme Court to obtain five rather than three extensions so that their service could extend to the age of 80.

The proposed amendment would also allow judges of the Court of Appeals, this State’s highest court, who reach the age of 70 in office to remain in service on the Court of Appeals for up to 10 additional years in order to complete the term to which that judge was appointed.

As a background it should be noted that in 1777 the mandatory judicial retirement age under the State Constitution was 60 years of age. This remained in effect until 1894 when the mandatory retirement age was extended to 70 years of age, which is the current state of the law. So why should the present proposal be approved?

A study by the Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics has demonstrated that people are living longer and healthier lives and that various studies have rebutted any presumption of incompetency at the age of 70. Further, the public policy of New York State since the 1980s has been to prohibit employers from subjecting their employees to mandatory retirement in both the public and private sectors.

If our public policy has prohibited such age discrimination, why should it be allowed for judges? Additionally, the current retirement age for judges in the only mandatory retirement age of its kind that remains in the New York State Constitution. It should also be noted that “judging” is usually a late peak occupation and that it is in the public interest that would be judges have had significant and long legal experience.

The craft of being a judge is one that benefits from immense past experience. Studies have also demonstrated that in states with higher judicial retirement age requirements, there is a high record of productivity for judges over the age of 70. In fact, there is no mandatory age requirement for federal judges. If they had the same requirement, former US Supreme Court Justices such as Earl Warren, William Brennan and Thurgood Marshall would have had to retire years before they actually did. In the case of Justice Brennan his term would have been shortened by 14 years and Justice Marshall’s by 13 years. Justice Antonin Scalia, who still currently serves on the US Supreme Court, would have needed to retire some seven years ago.

These are only a few examples of judges who have worked and been highly productive after the age of 70. The current ballot proposal makes sense and on November 5, you should vote YES to allow the mandatory retirement age to be extended to 80 years of age.

Joseph F DeFelice is an attorney practicing Criminal and Immigration law with offices in Kew Gardens, NY and is currently President of the Queens County Bar Association.





Op-Ed: Where are we one year later?

| oped@queenscourier.com


On any particular day, whether I’m working, getting a cup of coffee, shopping or having dinner in the district, people detail their experiences involving Superstorm Sandy in many different ways. A year later, many still get tears in their eyes, others remain frustrated about the lack of progress, while some see it as a chance to make improvements and some are optimistic about community improvements. One storm, a year later, still causes many emotions.

While we can’t control the weather, we can take steps to control the level of our preparedness and what direction our government takes in addressing the next storm. We’ve learned a lot from Sandy, and I would urge my constituents to think ahead and make sure they have detailed emergency plans in place: know how to contact one another in case of an emergency; have adequate supplies of canned goods, medicines, batteries, flashlights and water on hand; know what to do to help secure your homes and properties to minimize risks during a storm. Useful hurricane preparedness information may be found at this NYS Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services website: http://www.dhses.ny.gov/oem/event/hurricane-safety.cfm.

I, along with other elected officials, have been advocating for adequate funding and needed legislation to help the district address the many serious human, economic and other consequences resulting from Sandy. As a member of the New York State Senate Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy, I look forward to continuing the effort of our state in responding to Sandy’s devastation and obtaining assistance for those in need.  Currently, our city’s and state’s portion of the federal funding of $61 billion to help Sandy victims is being distributed through NYC Build It Back program, and the state’s utilization of community leaders in its NY Rising Community Reconstruction program aimed at improving our infrastructure.

A range of bills aimed at addressing various aspects of Sandy’s impact were passed by the state legislature and have been recently signed into law by the governor. Some topics include rebates of real property taxes, assisting Breezy Point residents with street frontage issues unique to Breezy Point, exemptions to filing fees related to federal Small Business Administration Disaster Loans, and the implementation of improved tornado warning systems.

This year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season is not yet over. We have learned a lot from Sandy and a year later are still dealing with its aftermath. It’s OK to share our emotions, feelings and sentiments about Sandy, knowing also that by working together we can rebuild and be prepared better than ever.

Senator Joseph Addabbo represents the 15th Senatorial District encompassing the communities – in whole or in part – of Broad Channel, Elmhurst, Forest Hills, Glendale, Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens Hills, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ozone Park, Rego Park, Richmond Hill, Ridgewood, South Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Woodside and the Rockaways.




Op-Ed: Simple measures for park safety

| oped@queenscourier.com

Late last week, the NYPD revealed that the suspect being sought in the late August attack of a 69-year old jogger in Forest Park is allegedly responsible for five previous attacks in and around the 538-acre park. Police presence has been increased with a temporary command center being set up at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Park Lane South in Richmond Hill.

But this is a temporary measure, one that we’ve seen before. And in a few weeks it will be decided that the resources are needed elsewhere and it’ll be back to business as usual. Back in the 1970s, Assemblymember Frederick D. Schmidt called on the city to make Forest Park a separate police precinct – it’s an idea worth reconsidering.

The 102nd Precinct is currently responsible for Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill East, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, and the northern part of Ozone Park. The precinct includes a number of busy commercial districts (including Queens Boulevard, 101st Avenue and Jamaica Avenue) and several major roadways. That’s a large area, made even larger by the need to also patrol Forest Park.

A small precinct, or substation, with officers trained on and equipped with all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for regular patrolling of the many trails within the park, would make it safer for all who use it. Even a shopping mall has its own security base – why not one of our city’s largest public attractions?

In other words, if it’s such a necessary step after a woman is attacked, why not make it permanent in an effort to prevent future attacks?

Apart from an increase in police, the city needs to do a better job of keeping the streetlights in and around Forest Park in proper working condition. We have been reporting major outages in well-trafficked areas and there does not appear to be any sense of urgency to get them repaired.

During the early morning hours on Forest Park Drive, we have seen people walking or jogging carrying flashlights, meaning the lights have been out long enough for people to learn that they need to come prepared.

Ultimately, there is no one to blame for these attacks apart from the sick animal that commits them. He will be caught, though whatever punishment he receives will never be enough. But that does not mean we can’t take precautions so as not to give this animal any tactical advantages.

Whenever possible, try not to run or walk alone. Reach out to friends and neighbors; try to make it a social activity that can be enjoyed as a group. Avoid isolated trails; remember that you do not have to go deep into the park to be alone and that just because you can see a main road from the woods does not mean that people traveling on that road can see you.

Forest Park is a wonderful place that hosts many thousand residents and visitors each year. Let’s all do everything we can to make it the safest experience possible.

Edward K. Wendell
Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association

Video via YouTube/Edward Wendell



Queens centenarians celebrate birthdays

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

THE COURIER/Photo by Melissa Ferrari


Woman celebrates turning 102 at local cafe

Maria Biancaniello celebrated turning 102 surrounded by family and friends.

On Friday, July 5, Caffe Italia in Whitestone hosted Biancaniello’s 102nd birthday party. The energy in Biancaniello’s favorite restaurant was joyous as her family gathered to celebrate her life. The turnout included Biancaniello’s three children, nine grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. When her cake arrived, Biancaniello’s youngest son, Anthony Bianco, played “Happy Birthday” on the violin for her while everyone in attendance sang along.

The Whitestone resident visits Caffe Italia as often as she can. She enjoys treating herself to her favorite pastry, the “lulu,” so it was no wonder that Biancaniello’s family chose this bakery to commemorate her birthday.

Born in Nusco, Italy in 1911, Biancaniello’s primary language is Italian. A lifelong Catholic, she received her first Holy Communion from the famous priest Padre Pio in Italy. She immigrated to America with her husband, Pietro, and her four children in 1955, and spent time working in a doll factory. Widowed in 1995,

Biancaniello moved to Whitestone from Long Island City in 1998. Biancaniello attributed her longevity to the great company she has kept. Her children and grandchildren brimmed with pride while discussing memories of her cooking, wit, great sense of humor and her love of being around other people.

Woman reflects on 100 years

Anne Certner has a century’s worth of stories, memories and experiences.

Certner was born in Union City, New Jersey on May 26, 1913. Prior to meeting her late husband Simon, she was valedictorian of Union Hills High School. She briefly attended New Jersey State Teachers College, but had to end her studies due to the hardships of the Great Depression.

In 1937, Certner wed her husband. They moved to the Bronx, where they raised their children Naomi and Joel.

In 1955, the family moved to Kew Gardens, where Certner was a piano teacher. She also went back to school to study music at Queens College. After receiving her degree, she began teaching elementary school music at P.S 81 in Ridgewood.

In the 1970s, Certner was able to showcase her musicality when she sang with the Dessoff Choir in Carnegie Hall.

Today Certner enjoys the company of her three grandchildren, who call her every day, as well as her three great-grandchildren. She plays duplicate bridge at Pride of Judea in Douglaston every week and has many other passions, including reading, crossword puzzles, gambling, horse races and the New York Knicks.

Naomi credits her mother’s aging well to “keeping her mind sharp” and the company that she has had over the years, especially her cat Yianni. Naomi feels the pet has been an instrumental part of keeping her mother as “joyful” as she is.



Worker rescued from trench collapse in Kew Gardens

| ctumola@queenscourier.com

Photos courtesy of Twitter/@FDNY

The FDNY rescued a construction worker after he became trapped in a collapsed Kew Gardens trench.

He was partially buried in the trench, which was 25 feet below the surface. Fire officials had to secure an unstable crane at the site before they could free the worker, an FDNY spokesperson said.

The collapse occurred around 4:30 p.m. at 83rd Avenue near Abingdon Road on Tuesday, June 18.

About two hours later, the FDNY freed the man. Con Edison also used a backhoe to assist in the rescue.

The worker was taken to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition, said the FDNY.

According to reports, construction work was underway at the site during Tuesday’s accident even though a stop-work order was in effect. The Department of Buildings is investigating.



Police searching for Kew Gardens robbery suspect

| tcullen@queenscourier.com

RMA# 653-13 Robbery 112 pct

Police are looking for a suspect connected to a robbery in an elevator Thursday.

The suspect followed a 14-year-old victim into the elevator around 3:40 p.m. of a building near Union Turnpike and Queens Boulevard, police said. He asked the victim for her jewelry, cell phone and any money she had.

Police said the suspect groped the victim while gathering her belongings. He then took the girl’s cellphone and left the elevator.

The suspect is described as a black male in his 30s, about 6’3″ and 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and carrying a dark-colored backpack.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 1-800-577-TIPS.





Real estate spotlight: Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Rego Park

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com


Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Rego Park offer a wide range of housing opportunities with price ranges from under $500,000 to over $3 million. Information and photos listed are courtesy of www.mlsli.com.

240 Greenway North in Forest Hills
There’s plenty of space to roam in this stately Tudor home, which features three bedrooms, two and a half baths, two patios, a private terrace, a sun room and a garage. The detached single-family house was built by Grosvenor Atterbury as a model story book home with its four fireplaces, a basement spa equipped with a Jacuzzi steam shower and a sauna. The property also has a separate carriage house. It is selling for $1,649,000.

20 Norden Road in Forest Hills
If you are looking for a spacious abode in a prestigious, private community, check out this roomy single-family grand Tudor home. There are six bedrooms, four full and two half baths, a stone fireplace, a sundrenched solarium, two garages, a private driveway and over 3,000 square feet of living space. With four flours, including a huge basement with storage rooms and a stand-in attic, this home costs $1,849,500.

191 Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills
This brick colonial home has four bedrooms and three and a half baths. Located on a corner lot, it is being sold as-is and needs work. The single-family home features beautiful hardwood floors and a new heating system. Only cash offers are currently being considered. It is selling for $1,499,000.

118-02 84th Avenue in Kew Gardens
Beautifully renovated and landscaped, this stucco finished two-family home boasts four bedrooms, three new bathrooms, two new kitchens, a two car private driveway with a garage and two fireplaces. The colonial home also features hardwood floors, high-end appliances and cabinets and a finished entertainment basement. The listing price is $949,000.

85-26 125th Street in Kew Gardens
This charming colonial three-family house has a backyard deck surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms and an attached one-car garage in a private driveway. The main apartment is in pristine condition and is nicely decorated, and there are two vacant rental apartments in move-in condition. Buy this brick home for $679,000.

68-33 Alderton Street in Rego Park
Located in the middle of a quiet block, this single-family colonial home has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a back porch and a detached garage. The brick home is close to shopping areas and public transportation. It is selling for $598,500.

65-33 Cromwell Crescent in Rego Park
This cape house has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a nice backyard and a balcony on the second floor. With a washer, dryer, dishwasher and a formal dining room, this brick home is selling for $876,000.

67-17 Alderton Street in Rego Park
This single-family ranch home boasts two bedrooms, one full bath, a private driveway with a garage, a front porch and a location close to shopping, restaurants and transportation. The listing price is $548,000.

Where to eat and shop in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Rego Park

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com

THECOURIER/Photos By Angy Altamirano


Dallas BBQ
Rego Park Center
For the past 15 years, Dallas BBQ has offered the best BBQ ribs, chicken and steak in New York City. Coming together with other dining shops at the Rego Park Center, Dallas BBQ is there to offer customers a dining experience amongst friends after a long day of shopping. Dallas BBQ also offers seafood, salads, burgers and catering specials.

Panera Bread
Providing baked bread fresh out of the over every day, Panera has expanded quickly across North America into Queens. The Panera Bread at Rego Park Center offers comfortable seating for its guests and two menus to choose from. Their bakery menu includes fresh baked breads, bagels, pastries and sweets while their café menu offers sandwiches, soups, hand-tossed salads and beverages.

113-29 Queens Boulevard

Serving customers in Kew Gardens for the past eight years, BAGELS for YOU offers more than just a plain toasted bagel with cream cheese. This corner bagel shop provides breakfast from open to close, cold-cut sandwiches and a buffet-salad bar. BAGELS for YOU also offers a variety of baked goods, hot coffee or hot chocolate and a menu full of sandwiches.

Keuka Kafe Wine Bar
112-04 Queens Boulevard
New to the neighborhood, Keuka Kafe offers its customers a menu composed of dishes created from local produce and with the freshest ingredients. This wine bar is named after Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region, best know for its wineries and cheese. Bringing in wine from that region and the rest of the world, Keuka Kafe’s menu also includes combinations of meats and cheeses, appetizers, salads, and cool and warm sandwiches.

Tango Argentine Steak House
111-08 Queens Boulevard
This family-owned restaurant has been providing the Kew Gardens community with more than 20 years of fine Argentine dining and entertainment. Specializing in steak and traditional Argentine dishes, Tango takes its customers’ taste buds to a trip to South America. On the weekends, Tango puts on a show with live music for its diners, bringing the sounds and traditional dances of Argentina to Queens. This restaurant provides all in one, a spot to dine and enjoy the beauties of a Latin culture.

71-49 Austin Street
Started in an underground Brooklyn kitchen in 2002, Bareburger was created to bring organic, all-natural and locally sourced ingredients to guests of the music venue, Sputnik. Nine years later, the idea has become a micro-chain of organic burger restaurants with ten locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Along with “mouth-watering organic burgers and sandwiches, Bareburger also offers fresh salads, shakes, organic beer and wine, and snacks you can share amongst a group of friends.

71-44 Austin Street
Starting off with only offering frozen yogurt, Oko has now updated its menu to include traditional Korean dishes such as bibimbop, u-dong and soon dubu jigae. Besides being one of the only Korean dining spots in Forest Hills, Oko also provides its customers with natural fresh juices, sandwiches, wraps and salads.

Ripe Juice Bar & Grill
70-13 Austin Street
Opened in 2008 by Peter Kambitsis and Elias Kalogiros, Ripe was created to make sure customers could find a dining spot with healthy food and juices. What started with the intention of being just a juice bar for the “gym-goer customers,” Ripe began to bring in every day customers who, along with eating fresh and healthy, also loved the taste of the food. Without missing out on the flavor, Ripe offers made-to-order wraps, salads, lean burgers, grilled entrees and squeezed-to order juices and smoothies.

Queens Center Mall
90-15 Queens Boulevard

After a long day of shopping, Queens Center Mall offers its guests fast food dining options such as McDonald’s, Noodle House and Nathan’s. For the customers looking to enjoy a sit in lunch or dinner, Applebee’s is located on the first floor from opening to close hours of the mall. Along with full meals, Queens Center Mall feeds the sweet tooth of all its shoppers with ice cream from Baskin Robbins or signature cupcakes at Crumbs Bake Shop.


Rego Park Center
61-35 Junction Boulevard
With 26 thriving shops located on the lower and upper levels of the Rego Park Shopping Center, customers have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to shopping and dining. Opened in March 2010, this shopping center started off with only a handful of the shops currently available to the public. Home to large clothing stores like Century 21, Kohl’s and TJ Maxx, the Rego Park Center is becoming a second home to customers not far away at Queens Center Mall.

Century 21
Rego Park Center
The “legendary” New York city retailers that first opened its doors in downtown Manhattan in 1961 has brought its incredibly low prices in top designer fashions to Queens. While keeping customers in the latest trends in fashion from clothes to shoes, Century 21 also offers household appliances, handbags, luggage, cosmetics, and trends and toys for children. This department store offers top designer names for unbeatable and affordable prices.

Aldi Food Market
Rego Park Center

With its unique ways of keeping carts in a appropriate location, bagging and checking out, Aldi Food Market looks to help customers “save up to 50% over supermarket prices.” This food market provides its customers with dairy, frozen, pantry, bakery, snacks and sweets, beverages and household products.

Ulta Beauty Store
Rego Park Center

This beauty retailer was founded in 1990 looking to better satisfy how women wanted to shop for beauty products. ULTA provides one-stop shopping for prestige salon products and salon services in a convenient location. ULTA offers over 20,000 beauty products including cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, skincare, body products and salon styling tools.

Queens Center Mall
90-15 Queens Boulevard 
Queens Center Mall is home to around 150 shops providing men and women clothing, accessories, footwear, skincare and household appliances. Stores range from offering a large collection of children’s shoes in Stride Rite to young women’s accessories at Claire’s. In addition to the individual diverse shops, Queens Center Mall also offers the sales of both large department stores, Macy’s and JCPenney.

Dana’s Flower Shop
118-01 Queens Boulevard
This family-owned and operated flower shop has served the community with providing fresh cut floral arrangements and gifts. Dana’s offers festive bouquets, arrangements or plants for the holiday season, birthdays, anniversaries and another other special occasions. This corner flower shops delivers the orders upon request to Forest Hills or even nationwide.

Le Pitou Pets II
113-24 Queens Boulevard
Opening its first location in 2009 in Forest Hills, Le Pitou now provides its animal care in salon spa and boarding to animal residents of Kew Gardens. This animal-friendly boutique offers a wide variety of treats, clothing, accessories and services for the four-legged friends of the community. Along with these items, Le Pitou II is also a daycare for pets.

Austin Street
The merchants of Forest Hills have the motto “We are large enough to serve you and small enough to know.” Offering over 200 one of a kind shops including upscale shopping and fine dining, Austin Street depicts the surrounding vibrant and diverse private community of Forest Hills. Shoppers who walk down Austin Street can find designers clothes for women, men and children and satisfy their taste buds with dishes from Cuba, Japan and other parts of the world. Austin Street even offers marketplaces and bakeries, such as Martha’s Bakery, where shoppers can satisfy their sweet tooth.

Magic Corsets & Lingerie
70-10 Austin Street
Providing “everything that a woman needs” for the past 17 years, Magic Corset specializes in fitting women into corsets for everyday use and special occasions, including weddings and prom. Magic Corsets also offers a wide variety of bras, girdles, nightgowns, lingerie and swimsuits for every shape and size, making sure each customer receives full service attention as they leave with their perfect fit.

OZ Boutique
70-09 Austin Street
For 20 years, OZ Boutique has been providing women with the latest trends in evening and glamour wear and everything needed to accessorize. Offering prom, evening, sweet sixteen and cocktail gowns, OZ Boutique offers items coming from overseas unique to their shop and buyers. No beautiful dress would be complete without the perfect handbag, jewelry and shoes and this boutique makes sure their customers leave with the whole dazzling package.







Jon Torodash explores City Council run against incumbent Koslowitz

| tcullen@queenscourier.com

Photo courtesy of Jon Torodash 2013

Jon Torodash wants to bring “Civic Virtue” back to Queens.

The Kew Gardens resident has begun exploring a run as an independent against incumbent Councilmember Karen Koslowitz, a Democrat, for City Council District 29.

Born and raised in Forest Hills, Torodash, 31, returned to Queens about five years ago and said he would run a campaign based on government transparency. This platform, and his decision to possibly run, was inspired by his experience as a local advocate in the last few months.

Torodash, a software engineer, fought to keep the statue “Triumph of Civic Virtue” on Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens.

The effort failed, however, as the statue was hoisted from its pedestal last December. But Torodash said the exposure showed him the inner workings of government and things he wanted to change.

There are three issues that stand out on Torodash’s platform: transportation, safety and education.

Bus transit is one of the biggest problems for District 29, he said, with long waits leaving riders out in the cold. Torodash says he will explore new options, especially around Queens Center mall, including making bus schedules more consistent.

“There are a lot of common sense proposals that need to be looked at here,” he said.

If elected, Torodash said he wants to focus on safety boroughwide.

Torodash runs a test-prep business for teachers and taught Latin and English for three years. He said the Department of Education is unorganized and that the current education system does not empower parents and teachers.

Opting to run as an independent, he hopes his run will inspire other people to seek public office to affect change. While he said he has no quarrels with either the Democratic or Republican party, Torodash said a lack of history with either party might discourage the ordinary citizen from seeking office.

“I think that many people would get discouraged because they don’t have a party history,” he said.



Where to watch the Super Bowl in Queens

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

File photo


While the Harbaugh brothers try to coach their teams to victory in the “HarBowl”, you can enjoy the game at one of Queens’ many bars, offering various drink and food specials throughout the night, along with free giveaways.

Bourbon Street, Bayside

For $45 per person, enjoy a hot and cold buffet, unlimited mixed drinks, bottled and tap beer, wine and soda during the game. Raffles and prize drawings will also be held during the event, which starts at 6 p.m.  Reservations and deposit required.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, Astoria

“The Biggest Tailgating Party in Astoria,” offers free admission, free hot dogs, wing specials and $10 pitchers on select beers and the game is played on a 200-inch high-definition screen. The event will start at 6 p.m.

Studio Square NYC, Astoria

Starting at 4 p.m., enjoy unlimited draft beers, red & white sangria, loaded lemonade and red stag iced tea as well as an in-game buffet from the garden grill and shot specials during the game. Auction on past Super Bowl memorabilia and several raffles will be held for the chance to win an 80” led screen. Watch the game on more than three dozen 60” flat screen TV’s. Tickets are $40 online (studiosquarenyc.com) and $45 at the door.

Austin’s Ale House, Kew Gardens

For $50 per person enjoy bottled beer, top-shelf cocktails, half-time buffet and raffles & prize drawings. Order wings by Feb. 1.

Resorts World Casino, South Ozone Park 

Watch the game on a huge 16’x28’ flat screen TV, along with several other screens around the circular bar. Two packages are available. $25 per person gets you six wings and two domestic draft beers. The VIP package, priced at $60 per person (must order 25 tickets for a grand total of $1500), gets you 150 wings and 50 draft domestic beers.

Play, Elmhurst

Starting at 5 p.m., guests can enjoy a five hour open bar and watch the game on one of 16 flat screen TV’s for $25 per person. A mechanical bull, billiards, bowling and ping-pong and more also available. VIP tables are also available by calling 718-476-2828. VIP options include a bottle of liquor of your choice and two food platters or a la carte food and beverage service. After party will be held until 4 a.m. Tickets are required. Visit play.ticketleap.com to order.



Central and southern Queens to receive water main upgrade

| mchan@queenscourier.com

Photo courtesy of DEP

A $14 million upgrade to replace the borough’s aging water system will soon flow into portions of central and southern Queens, authorities said.

About 13 miles of new ductile iron water mains will be installed to replace old unlined cast ones in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill and Far Rockaway, according to the city’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

The infrastructure improvement project is expected to improve water quality, pressure and distribution in residential and commercial areas of the neighborhoods by retiring mains that are over 60 years old, the DEP said.

“Public health and the future growth of New York City are contingent on having an adequate supply of high quality water,” DEP Commissioner Carter Strickland said. “By installing nearly 13 miles of new water mains, we will ensure adequate water pressure for firefighting, basic sanitation and clean drinking water for these Queens neighborhoods for decades to come.”

The new water mains will be installed in locations near Union Turnpike, Queens Boulevard, Kew Garden Road, Park Lane South, Myrtle Avenue, Metropolitan Avenue, Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Avenue and Beach 9th Street.

Construction will be done in phases, beginning March 2013, with expected completion in 2015.