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Kids get visit from Santa, presents at Queens Centers for Progress

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THE COURIER/Photo by Maggie Hayes

Santa and Frosty the Snowman paid a visit to the children at the Queens Centers for Progress (QCP), bringing holiday cheer with them once more.

Now in its 16th year, QCP has partnered with the Jamaica Rotary Club to give toys to kids at the children’s center. NYPD Community Affairs officers from the Queens south division joined in as well.

The children, who have cerebral palsy or another type of developmental disability, excitedly accepted stuffed animals, dolls and trucks from Rotary Club president Joe Iaboni, dressed as Santa, and his trusty sidekick Frosty.

“It’s a good feeling for the holidays,” Iaboni said. “We can fight crime, but also make kids happy and smile.”

Maureen Lovetro, a Rotary Club member with cerebral palsy, dressed up her dog companion, Drake, as Santa to give the kids a little extra Christmas cheer.

“Because I have a disability, I feel like I was one of those kids, and a lot of people helped me out.” she said, “I have a true appreciation and respect for them.”

Nancy Glass, QCP Children’s Center Director, said having the Jamaica Rotary back again for the toy distribution is “like having family coming back to visit and helping us celebrate.”

Iaboni, donned in a red suit and white beard, said it’s about “companionship” and letting the children know they and the police officers are there.

“We can show them there’s somebody to protect them,” he said.



Another year of good work feted by Rotary

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As the New Year was dawning, the Jamaica Rotary once again gathered to celebrate its “Cop of the Month” ceremony at Villa Russo.

For the past 23 years the Jamaica Rotary, led by President Joe Iaboni, has met on a monthly basis to pay tribute to the heroics of officers from the 103rd, 113th, 106th and 102nd precincts.

On Wednesday, December 28, the plaques for a job well done were handed out by Executive Chief Ed Silk.

From the 106th Precinct, Officer Gary Maher was feted for making eighty quality-of-life related arrests over the last year.

Officer Jason Michaud of the 102nd Precinct received an award for his handling of a gunpoint robbery in which he apprehended the perpetrator and recovered a loaded gun.

Detective Lieutenant Rocco Galasso along with Detective Michael Faranda from the 113th Precinct received recognition for bringing to justice Stephon Huffman, the criminal allegedly responsible for the fatal South Jamaica bus stop stabbing of 17-year-old Thomas Edison High School student Patrick Dixon.

Sergeant Frank Demma and Police Officers Jason Barr and Patrick Agugliaro were feted by the 103rd Precinct for arresting a suspect with three loaded firearms.

The Jamaica Rotary also celebrated the success of recent charity work, which raised enough so that “Santa Joe,” along with police officers, was able to visit the Queens Centers for Progress and senior centers, delivering various merchandise and toys for those in need.