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Pol’s staffer under investigation for alleged ties to group raising money for biker

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com

Screenshot via YouTube/Michelinman900

A local politician’s staff member is under investigation for her alleged involvement with a group raising money to free one of the bikers indicted in connection with the assault of an SUV driver.

Ivettelis Rodriguez, Councilmember Julissa Ferreras’ district manager, was trying to raise money via her Facebook page to get Robert Sims out of jail, according to published reports.
Screenshots of Rodriguez’s posts from a Facebook name “Bandolera Ryderz LdyStickey Pro,” shows her on motorcycles, supporting a group to raise money to get Sims out of jail and also shows Rodriguez at her district manager job, reports said.

“I am deeply disappointed with the behavior my staffer, Ivettelis Rodriguez, has exhibited,” said Ferreras. “Her statements and behavior are not in any way indicative of my beliefs, nor is it an accurate reflection of the high standard of personal conduct to which I hold my staff. I am currently working with the City Council to launch a full investigation into the matter.”

The Facebook page has been taken down.

The SUV and the group of motorcyclists were both on the Henry Hudson Parkway on September 29 when, according to reports, one of the bikers and the vehicle bumped, which may have set off the altercation.

In a YouTube video, the SUV can be seen slowing down and then running over biker Edwin Mieses Jr., paralyzing him, according to reports. The driver, who had his wife and toddler in the car, reportedly has claimed he felt threatened by the surrounding motorcyclists and that’s why he accelerated.

After the SUV hit Mieses, police said several of the motorcyclists chased the car, slashed its tires and did other damage to the vehicle. When the driver stopped, some of the bikers pulled the man from his Range Rover and assaulted him.

Sims, according to reports, was indicted on Thursday, October 10. Two other bikers were indicted by a grand jury the following day.

At least seven motorcyclists, including an undercover detective from Queens, have been charged in connection to the incident. Police are still seeking several others for questioning.

-With additional reporting by Cristabelle Tumola