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Queens gambling crackdown nets seven

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An illegal betting enterprise operating in Queens was able to rake in thousands of dollars in wagers annually on sporting events, but what its operators didn’t bet on was getting caught just days before the Super Bowl.

In an effort to crack down on illegal gambling in the borough, authorities announced Thursday that five people have been indicted for unlawfully running the sports enterprise. Two other individuals have been separately charged with promoting gambling through a related endeavor.

The betting operating was able to take in thousands of dollars in monthly gross revenue on an array of sporting events, including college and professional games, by using toll-free numbers and the gambling websites www.wagerstop.com and www.mgmwager.com, according to District Attorney Richard Brown.

“By taking advantage of toll-free numbers and Internet web sites as ‘wire rooms’ – where bets were accepted and gambling accounts were maintained – the defendants allegedly were able to reap huge profits through their unlawful gambling operation,” he said. “Today’s indictments send a clear signal that when it comes to illegal gambling in Queens County, all bets are off.”

Christopher Morrissey, Louis Cavalli, Mitchell Fusco, Sean Murtagh and Brian Hull have been charged in a 34-count indictment, charging them with enterprise corruption and promoting gambling, among other crimes. They were busted for being members and associates of the organized gambling enterprise that operated in Queens and elsewhere, following an investigation that began in February 2013.

In a separate indictment, Queens residents Luigi Caminiti, 34, and Mirsad Dedic were charged with “knowingly advancing or profiting from unlawful gambling activity” on at least six occasions in November 2013, the district attorney’s office said. They received or accepted more than five bets totaling over $5,000.


Woman injured after jumping from dollar van fleeing cops in Jamaica

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police car

A 22-year-old woman is in critical condition after she jumped from a dollar van as its driver tried to flee from police in Jamaica Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

Cops attempted to pull over the Ford Econoline van about 4:40 p.m. on Archer Avenue, near 165th Street, according to police. As it sped away, its passenger jumped from the vehicle on Union Hall Street, near 107th Avenue.

The escape left the woman injured and she was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where she is listed in critical condition.

The van’s driver, Jameson Golding, 22, of Brooklyn, kept going, but soon tried to flee on foot and was caught by police, according to published reports.

Golding was arrested on a slew of charges, including resisting arrest, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, unlicensed operator and obstructing governmental administration, police said.


Stop for school bus or lose license for 60 days: state Senate

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Repeat scofflaws who zoom through school bus stop signs could face stiffer penalties under a bill the state Senate passed last week.

The legislation calls for a 60-day license suspension for drivers who illegally pass a stopped school bus more than twice within 10 years.

“It’s bad enough that a driver passes a stopped school bus once, but to do it twice is unacceptable,” said upstate Sen. John Bonacic, who penned the law. “This bill is intended to make our roads safer for our school children.”

Committing the crime twice within three years is currently punishable by up to $750 and 180 days in jail. But only the monetary fine — up to $1,000 — increases for each new offense after that.

The new law, in line with citywide “Vision Zero” strides to reduce pedestrian fatalities, would temporarily yank dangerous drivers from the wheel.

“Drivers who are reckless with their lives and the lives of others, particularly with the lives of children, must be punished and taken off the roads,” Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky said.

The bill now awaits movement by the state Assembly’s Transportation Committee.



This Morning’s Headlines

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Graphic by Jay Lane

Carmelo’s inspiring game despite the pain leads Knicks to win

The pain in Reed’s hip was probably a little sharper than the ache in Carmelo Anthony’s groin, the needle a little longer in 1970, the stakes far higher. This wasn’t Game 7 of the Finals with a title on the table, merely Game 51 of a lockout-cleaved season with a chance to gaze the northern side of .500 for the first time since mid January 16. Read More: New York Post

Elevator man electrocuted

An elevator mechanic was electrocuted last night at a Midtown office building, authorities said. The 39-year-old victim was found dead at around 9:30 p.m. in the ninth-floor mechanical room at 1290 Sixth Avenue. “Two engineers found him,” said a building employee who didn’t want to give his name. “He was a very nice guy,” the employee said of the victim, who had worked at the building for five years. Read More: New York Post

Liu’s aide pulling strings

Comptroller John Liu has turned to his top political adviser, Chung Seto, for more than just campaign advice — he has actually let her run much of his office, even though she is not a city employee, The Post has learned. Seto, who orchestrated Liu’s political ascent, has been dealing with everything from redecorating to communications with the White House — and has even referred financial advisers to the city’s pension czar, according to e-mails between Seto and Comptroller’s Office staffers obtained by The Post through a freedom- of-information request. Read More: New York Post

Westchester Man Charged With Ill-Fated Assault In Subway Station

Police have arrested and charged Ryan Beauchamp, a Westchester resident, in connection with a fight last week at a Brooklyn subway station that left another man dead. Beauchamp, 33, is facing two misdemeanor charges of attempted assault and harassment. Investigators say Beauchamp was drunk and got into a fight with Joshua Basin, 20, on Friday night at the L train stop at Bedford Avenue. Read More: NY1




JetBlue Captain Charged With Interfering With Crew On NYC Flight To Vegas

A JetBlue captain who acted erratically and had to be restrained onboard a Las Vegas-bound flight from New York was charged Wednesday with interfering with the crew and has been suspended. The captain of Flight 191, 49-year-old Clayton Osbon, seen above, was caught on video yelling about a bomb. A newly released court document says Osbon was still in the cockpit when he rambled about religion, turned off radio controls and dimmed monitors. He allegedly told the co-pilot to take a leap of faith and then stormed out of the cockpit. Read More: NY1



Trayvon Martin case: Shooter George Zimmerman appears uninjured in police video on night of shooting

Explosive video reveals that George Zimmerman appeared uninjured when he arrived at a Florida police station the night he shot Trayvon Martin — his nose is not broken or bleeding and the back of his head is unmarked by grass or bruising. The Sanford, Fla., Police Department says it did not arrest the Hispanic neighborhood watchman who killed the unarmed black teenager because Trayvon was pounding his head into the ground and Zimmerman shot in self-defense. Read More: Daily News

Days after exposé, Gov. Cuomo bans ‘legal pot’ statewide

Synthetic marijuana — the dangerous designer drug sold as herbal incense — is being banned statewide. The order from the state Health Department will go out Thursday, a week after the Daily News revealed the fake weed is sending young New Yorkers to the emergency room. “We are banning the sale of synthetic marijuana because, no matter what you call it, it’s clear that this is an illegal drug which is putting the health of New Yorkers, especially young adults, at risk,” Gov. Cuomo told The News. Read More: Daily News