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Star of Queens: Brent O’Leary, president, Hunters Point Civic Association

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com


COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Brent O’Leary has dedicated countless hours to the Queens community. He founded the Hunters Point Civic Association, which advocates for neighborhood causes, brings awareness of issues to the community and works to get community feedback. About two years ago, O’Leary became one of the founding members of the Boys and Girls Club’s Sunnyside/ Woodside unit, which provides activities including sports, artistic and educational events for children. O’Leary also works as a legal compliance council for Bloomberg L.P.

BACKGROUND: O’Leary was born in Jackson Heights and currently lives in Long Island City. He spent 10 years in Japan working for Bloomberg and was a former City Council candidate for District 26.

FAVORITE MEMORY: “My favorite memory is receiving a thank-you letter from all of the kids of the Boys and Girls Club,” said O’Leary.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “The biggest challenge has been trying to get people involved,” he said. “Because people are very busy with work and life, it’s hard for them to devote time to other causes.”

However, O’Leary is very happy with the Hunters Point Civic Association, which hosts active monthly meetings.

INSPIRATION: “My inspiration is my parents and seeing how hard they worked to make sure I had a chance,” O’Leary recalled. “That makes me want to make sure everyone else has the same chance, an opportunity to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.”




Farmers’ market may return to Hunters Point

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com


The community has spoken and Hunters Point might be getting its beloved farmers’ market back on weekends.

At a meeting of the Hunters Point Civic Association, residents voiced their opinions on important issues, with many shedding light on their desire to bring back the farmers’ market. After one resident volunteered to lead the issue, Down to Earth Markets was contacted.

“We are very excited to be bringing a farmers’ market back to the neighborhood and happy to be working with Down to Earth Farmers’ Markets,” said Brent O’Leary, president of the Hunters Point Civic Association.

Down to Earth Markets manages 20 farmers’ markets in New York City and Westchester and Rockland Counties and strives to bring “locally crafted products” to the residents of each community.

There had previously been a market on 48th Street on Saturdays, but when the day was shifted to Wednesdays, the change did not go over well with residents and the operation closed down.

“It was an outcry from the residents that they wanted to have it back,” said Frankie Rowland, director of community relations and marketing for Down to Earth Markets. “We want to return the market to 48th Street on Saturdays.” At a recent Community Board 2 meeting in Sunnyside, representatives from Down to Earth Markets, including Rowland, presented their plan to the residents and board members.

“Local is a big aspect of what we do. We want to support local agriculture,” said Rowland. “We want to provide fresh local food to the residents of the area and allow them to have direct interaction with each other.” The farmers’ market would feature locally grown produce, fruits and vegetables in season, and local bread. In addition, there may be vendors selling local honey, olive oil, cheese and eggs.

According to Rowland, the first step was reaching out to Community Board 2 and now they will have a follow-up meeting with the civic association. The meeting will then be followed with the organization pursuing proper permits from the Department of Transportation.

If the farmers’ market is approved, it will be launched in June or July on 48th Street between Vernon Boulevard and 5th Street and will open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. until the last Saturday before Thanksgiving.