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Spa architect carries on, despite BP’s rejection

| aaltman@queenscourier.com

Some College Point locals are closer to relaxing, as plans for a spa in their neighborhood have been rejected by the borough president.

After weeks of contemplation, BP Helen Marshall threw out the proposal to construct a luxury spa at the corner of 31st Avenue and the Whitestone Expressway.

According to Marshall’s office, the Beep opposed the idea because of a probable increase in “vehicular trips” to and from the site. Parking is also an issue – street parking is prohibited in the building’s vicinity, and the potential lot is not large enough to hold the expected number of automobiles. Officials also allege that the current parking lot blueprints could create situations where vehicles must wait to enter and exit the premises.

Architect and engineer H. Irving Sigman, who submitted the request for the spa’s building permit, is hopeful that the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) will rule in favor of the spa. Since the borough president announced her decision, Sigman hired a parking consultant to amend and restructure the lot’s layout.

Anticipated to create two-and-a-half times more tax revenue than currently generated in College Point, the spa was to be installed in a previously-existing structure. It would potentially have various amenities, including a rooftop pool, a yoga studio, a beauty salon and food store.

In October, Community Board 7 voted overwhelmingly against the project, with 25 members against and only five in favor, leaving Marshall to review the situation. The Board cited several reasons for disapproval, including construction of the rooftop pool, the structure’s need for an enhanced foundation and the builder’s lack of experience.

Regardless of Marshall’s ruling, the BSA is responsible for making the final decision.