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Bayside’s M.S. 158 looks for alumni to celebrate 60th anniversary

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Photo courtesy of Diane Verlaque-Rosolen

Bayside’s M.S. 158 is looking for alumni to help celebrate the school’s 60th anniversary.

Administrators at the Marie Curie Middle School are inviting former students to its Oct. 3 fall festival with current middle-schoolers and their families. Alumni will be encouraged to reminisce on their formative experiences in the school during a walk-through tour given by student ambassadors, and class pictures from throughout the years will be on view.

According to Principal Marie Nappi, alumni are also encouraged to participate in an upcoming career day to show current students how far they can go after an education at M.S. 158. The school is also looking to start an alumni association to have a stable level of funds to beautify the school.

Nappi said having a relationship with alumni will add to what is already an involved community at the school.

“It’s because of the great community and parents, students and staff, and the dedication we all have for our students and for education,” said Nappi, who has served as principal for the last decade. “That’s what led to our 60 years of excellence.”

Retired M.S. 158 teacher Mary O’Sullivan says that the programs at the Bayside school are exceptional in many ways, especially its musical bands which have won several state awards.

“What made me stay there so long? You wouldn’t want to leave a school that good,” said O’Sullivan, who retired this year after teaching at M.S. 158 since 1989. “It was an excellent school and it still is.”

Former M.S. 158 student Gregg Sullivan still has great memories of the school although he graduated many years ago, and even shared a middle school secret which would likely have embarrassed his younger self.

“M.S. 158 was a beautiful transition and right of passage for us that took us from childhood into puberty and adolescence,” Sullivan said. “I had my first crush on a teacher there: Ms. Jacobs. Anyone who reads this and was a student of hers will know what I mean.”

Any M.S. 158 alumni interested in being a part of the 60th anniversary celebration or volunteering as a career day participant should email the school at info@ms158pta.com.


Bayside BID board battle settled

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A bellicose battle on Bell Boulevard is coming to an end with the close of the Bayside Village BID’s contentious election.

Mitchell Catanzano won a spot on the board as the sole residential member, beating out former executive director Gregg Sullivan. Catanzano earned his first seat on the board with two proxy votes, according to the BID’s executive director Lyle Sclair, while Sullivan only had one after voting for himself.

A mix up involving two proxy votes during the initial July 16 election caused controversy within the board and its candidates, when Sullivan criticized the poor communication between himself and Sclair. Sullivan thought he’d be running for a Class B spot, but instead found himself on the Class C resident’s ballot.

Sullivan sent out a mass community email condemning the BID and calling for a debate last week, but he changed his tune soon after and withdrew his candidacy for a spot on the board.

“This has been really rough on me. I didn’t like the politics and how it was getting ugly,” Sullivan said. “Mitch is my friend. I stepped aside to give him a chance on the board and I’d like to move on. Right now, the best thing for Bayside is exactly what is taking place.”

Sullivan said he felt relieved in distancing himself from the BID, which he said would give him time to focus on his new business venture, BaysideLiveTV.com.

“Mitch is going to do great. I’m going to continue to serve Bayside. I couldn’t be any more pleased,” he said. “The whole town is awake and aware. They’ll be watching over the BID. It’s a great weight off my shoulders.”

Sclair said he didn’t think there was controversy in regards to the election and said the board was upfront, providing enough notification for people to sign up for nominations.

The executive director said over 40 percent of board members are serving for the first time, and he said he looks forward to a future of fresh faces.

“I think that’s a very good turnover rate. They’re already coming in with new recommendations, new suggestions,” Sclair said.

Queens’ Morning Roundup

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EVENT of the DAY: Free Shakespeare in the Park: “Hamlet” 

Come enjoy a summer night with the Bard. Queens-based Hip to Hip Theatre Company presents a free performance of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Hamlet” at the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows.

[Click here for more info or submit your events]

Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng charged with fraud 

Former State Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, the father of Congressional candidate Grace Meng, was charged with fraud Tuesday in an elaborate shakedown scheme. The Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s Office said Jimmy Meng promised a person who was indicted on tax charges that he could help by bribing prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Read more: [NY1] 

Elderly Queens woman: Doc’s bad op cost me vision in left eye

An elderly Queens woman is suing her doctor, claiming a botched cataract operation cost her the sight in her left eye. Evalyne Chedda, 70, went to Dr. Alina K. Stanciu’s office in Forest Hills on Jan 18, 2010 for the operation. Read more: [New York Post]

UPDATE: Local leaders charge city snubbing them on possible Triumph of Civic Virtue move  

Snubbed community leaders said they have yet to hear from city officials who are mulling a plan to move the long-neglected Triumph of Civic Virtue statue from its perch outside Queens Borough Hall. The controversial statue, which has raised the ire of some people for its imagery, also has strong supporters who have been lobbying the city unsuccessfully for years to get it cleaned and restored. Read more: [New York Daily News] 

 UPDATE: Results still out in contentious Bayside BID election, but so is Gregg Sullivan: source 

More than a week after the only contested BID election in the city, Bayside business owners aren’t quite sure who won the contentious race — but the writing appears to be on the wall for Gregg Sullivan. A vocal critic of the Bayside Village Business Improvement District’s board, Sullivan will likely not win the seat he was seeking, according to a source familiar with the organization’s bylaws. Read more: [New York Daily News] 

Bayside BID director vows to better biz

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Bayside business and property owners were introduced to Lyle Sclair, the new executive director of the Bayside Village Business Improvement District (BID), who discussed plans for the BID’s future.

Sclair, who succeeded recently-ousted Gregg Sullivan, was presented to a packed room of more than 50 BID members at All Saints Church on Tuesday, May 8.

He was chosen “based on his qualifications and his ideas,” said BID Chair James Riso, who held the final interview with Sclair. “Right at the table he knew what a BID was. He came into the meeting with fresh ideas.”

Sclair holds a degree in urban planning from New York University. He has experience as an economic development associate in Brooklyn and has worked with four BIDs.

He pledged to gathered entrepreneurs that he will cooperate with them to make them money, bring more customers to Bell Boulevard and transform Bayside into “a model retail” area not only for Queens, but all of New York City.

“You have a room full of engaged business individuals who want to make a difference and want to see their businesses succeed,” Sclair said. “So I think we have a lot of opportunity to go forward.”

He gave a run-down of plans for the future, including each member getting a free expo table at the upcoming June Art Fair, an event called “Roll Up the Gate” in September to have all property owners conduct a marathon open house and a plan to get patrons to flood Bayside restaurants in October during the Queens Economic Development Corporation’s Restaurant Week.

“Once I understand your challenges we can understand what reflective strengths are to address those,” Sclair explained. “It’s my job to make you money.”

Sullivan, who was at the meeting, approved his replacement as he acknowledged the goal of the BID is to make Bayside better.

“Seems like a wonderful gentlemen,” Sullivan said. “I already wished him the best of luck, told him I would offer him my support.”

After the event, Sclair said the goal is get to another level.

“Bayside is a very good shopping district,” Sclair said. “Other communities are saying that they want to be like Bayside — they want to be better than Bayside. We have to be better than ourselves.”

Thousands flock to first annual Bayside Retail Expo

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Bayside businesses became reacquainted with the local community on Sunday, October 9, during the first annual Bayside Village Retail Expo.

“Nothing’s happened here in so long. Nobody actually expected this to happen,” said Gregg Sullivan, executive director of the Bayside Village Business Improvement District. “This is the start of something really good that’s going to just get bigger and better.”

The main goal of the expo was to reawaken the wide diversity of Bayside businesses and remake the area into a central destination again, Sullivan said. Although no items were for sale, businesses were able to showcase and promote their goods from 12 to 8 p.m.

Close to 40 retailers lined 41st Avenue near Bell Boulevard. The expo drew in more than 2,000 pedestrians throughout the day, with live music from local musicians on both ends of the avenue.

“For the first time in 17 years, we have a music festival going on like this. Today is all about Bayside’s commerce. These are the actual people who make up Bayside,” Sullivan said.

Bayside resident Ann Vivona said she was on her way to brunch when she heard music and saw the fair.

“This is the place to be,” she said. “I think it’s about time there was a [retail] street fair because everybody knows about the night life, but what about everything else?”

Busy October for Bayside BID

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Photos Courtesy Gregg Sullivan The Arts and Crafts Fair on Bell Boulevard was a hit with community

The first annual outdoor music festival on Bell Boulevard recently had community members dancing in the streets, according to Gregg Sullivan, Bayside Village Business Improvement District (BID) executive director. But the fall events have just begun.

On Sunday, October 9 from noon until 6 p.m. the BID, in association with the Bayside Historical Society and Alley Pond Environmental Center, will temporarily close 41st Avenue on both sides of Bell Boulevard for the first annual Bayside Village Retail Expo. The event is specifically designed to introduce and reacquaint the local community with the local retail businesses along Bell Boulevard and to show shoppers what local retailers have to offer. The event will also feature live music at the newly-restored Bayside LIRR station park.

The following Sunday, October 16, Bell Boulevard will be host to the second annual Bayside Village Arts and Crafts Fair as well as the kick-off of the Bayside LIRR beautification. While there will be goods for sale along the boulevard, the emphasis of this year’s fair will focus more on the visual and performing arts with live performances from local musical and dance groups.

During last weekend in October, the BID is sponsoring a contest for storeowners along the boulevard for the most creative Halloween window display with the winner to be announced online on Tuesday, November 1.

For more details regarding these upcoming events, visitwww.baysidebid.com or call 718-423-2434.