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Outrage over fewer gifted and talented seats at Queens school
Outrage over fewer gifted and talented seats at Queens school
Education & Kids Angy Altamirano 2/27/2013 at 9:18AM

As her son Augustus began kindergarten in the city’s gifted and talented program at Sunnyside’s P.S. 150, Deborah Alexander was excited at the thought he would eventually be enrolling in the prestigious middle school program known as The Academy at P.S.122 in Astoria. Yet the excitement turned to concern as the Department of Education revealed [...]

Parents fume over dwindling gifted and talented program
Education & Kids Alexa Altman 10/26/2012 at 2:42PM

Expanding demand and dwindling supply of middle school gifted and talented seats in Long Island City have parents fuming over the possibility of their children getting dropped from the program. Kids from P.S. 122 and P.S. 150 were previously promised seats through 8th grade, filtering into the middle school program at P.S. 122. In line [...]

Parents want gifted middle school for Astoria
Education & Kids Michael Pantelidis 2/29/2012 at 1:04PM

The parents of some of Queens’ sharpest young students are hoping the Department of Education (DOE) gives their children a “gift” — an advanced middle school program in western Queens. Parents of P.S. 85 are distributing a petition in hopes of convincing the DOE to create a gifted and talented intermediate school in District 30 [...]