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LIC Partnership appoints new president

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Photo Courtesy Long Island City Partnership

The Long Island City Partnership has welcomed a new, yet experienced, president who will help the organization continue to thrive and build the growing area.

Elizabeth Lusskin, currently chief of staff and vice president of Strategic Initiatives at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, was appointed on September 25.

“This is a very special time for Long Island City, which has become a hub for new development while retaining its strong industrial base, helping to reinvigorate the borough,” said Lusskin. “I am thrilled for the opportunity to build on the Long Island City Partnership’s success in supporting this ‘city within the city.’”

In her new position, which she will assume on October 15, Lusskin will help strengthen connections between private and public divisions to promote Long Island City. She will help support the booming community and the accomplishments of local organizations and businesses.

“Liz is well positioned to lead the Partnership and drive its mission as new investment and existing uses combine to redefine the area as one of New York City’s hottest new neighborhoods and certainly one of its most diverse,” said Gary Kesner, chair of the board of LIC Partnership. “As Long Island City continues to evolve, Liz has the vision and on-point experience we need to help the Partnership to thrive.”

For more than two decades Lusskin worked as an attorney with an immense experience in economic development and government services. She also served as Deputy Commissioner for Programs and Development for the City of New York Department of Small Business Services, General Counsel of the Alliance for Downtown New York, Inc., and Legislative Counsel in the New York State Office of Federal Affairs in D.C., under Governor Mario Cuomo.



LIC Partnership Executive Director to retire

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Photo Courtesy the Long Island City Partnership

After 14 years of dedicated service to the Long Island City community, Gayle Baron is celebrating her retirement.

Baron is the Executive Director of the Long Island City Business Improvement District (BID) and President of the Long Island City Business Development Corporation (LICBDC).

She helped lead the LICBDC in creating the BID in 2005, which is now known as the Long Island City Partnership.

“She really believes in community service,” said Gary Kesner, chair of the board of the LIC Partnership. “She has worked tirelessly with all the constituents to make sure that this community is one that is the center of the city.”

According to Kesner, Baron has brought together stakeholders involved from business to the arts to build what is now a strong and growing Long Island City.

Baron recently received the BID Leadership Award at the 12th Annual Neighborhood Achievement Awards presented by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert K. Steel, and New York City Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Robert W. Walsh.

“We will miss her, but her legacy has been established,” said Kesner. “She has been the glue that holds it all together. We wish her a wonderful retirement. We know that she has made the organization so strong that we are able to move on forward.”

On Wednesday, August 7 the LIC Partnership will be celebrating Baron’s retirement at SHI Restaurant at 47-20 Center Boulevard in Long Island City from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.