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Queens sites lose out on Partners in Preservation funds

| lguerre@queenscourier.com

Photo Courtesy of the Queens County Farm Museum

Queens landmarks and top sites missed out on a piece of the pie.

The committee for the Partners in Preservation, a city-wide contest aimed at disseminating $3 million of financial support to protect significant sites, will award two sites in Brooklyn and two in the Bronx based on voters support out of 40 sites in the city.

The five Queens sites are the Louis Armstrong House Museum, the Queens County Farm Museum, Flushing Town Hall building, Astoria Park’s Pool and the Rocket Thrower sculpture in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

No Queens site was ranked in the top ten.

“Frankly, being one of the 40 was enough of a benefit, just because it gave us more publicity,” said Amy Boncardo, executive director of the Queens County Farm Museum. “We felt good about our campaign unfortunately it didn’t result in a great number of votes.”

All hope is not lost for the Queens sites just yet.

After giving funds to the winners the contest committee intends to take a look at the remaining sites and announce grants from the remaining $2.1 million next month depending on voting results and project needs.

“If we happen to be one of the chosen from the advisory committee it’s great,” Boncardo said, adding “But if not we still benefitted.”