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Floresta NYC: A fusion of flowers and fun

| skarim@queenscourier.com


What literally started as a window later became the window of opportunity for a fresh and successful new business.

Juan Carlo, founder and owner of Floresta, a Long Island City flower boutique specializing in floral designs for various occasions, mixes flowers with passion.

“We come from Columbia, a country where the flower business has a significant importance,” said Carlo. “With all the love we felt for the business, we decided to start in a window where people got very interested in our designs and flower quality, and it allowed us to open the studio five months later.”

Offering unique and modern floral arrangements, Floresta believes flowers can enhance lives on a daily basis.

“Our specialties are mainly in floral design, weddings, events, orchids, workshops, and candles,” said Carlo. “We offer weekly and monthly services for businesses and homes.”

As every month calls for some sort of an occasion, Carlo and his team of floral experts are constantly busy keeping up with the latest trends.

“This business tends to be seasonal due to the clients’ preferences,” he said. “We have been working on many events and some of the businesses in the area have Floresta for weekly or monthly services.”

With the success of their second store located within the Food Cellar of Long Island City, Carlo and his team are hoping to spread the power of flowers throughout the rest of the five boroughs as well.

“We are looking to expand to other areas to let people know us and make them fall in love with our work,” he said.

Floresta gets fresh flower deliveries on a daily basis, and starts creating fun with their clients’ floral preferences shortly after.

“This is a good business,” said Carlo. “It is our passion to work on this.”

Floresta is located at 51-02 Vernon Boulevard, LIC. To learn more, call 347-642-8108, or visit www.florestanyc.com.