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Queens’ Morning Roundup

| lguerre@queenscourier.com

Hollis residents urge city to install sewers on flood-prone block 

Every time the weather forecast predicts rain, residents of several Hollis blocks leave work or cut their vacations short to secure their homes against floods. Homeowners on the corner of 90th Ave. and 183rd St. have lobbied the city for decades to install sewers that will alleviate the flooding that overwhelms their streets and basements with anywhere from several inches to several feet of water and raw sewage. Read more: [New York Daily News] 

South Ozone Park residents angry about being left in the dark about new bus route 

The old adage says that if you miss a bus, there’s always the next one — unless you live in South Ozone Park. Local residents say they were caught off guard by a recent route change of the Q41 bus that kicked in without giving local residents a proper heads up. And it’s not just confused riders who are complaining. Residents who live along the new route said they now have to deal with issues of parking, traffic and garbage strewn on the streets. Read more: [New York Daily News] 

Councilman Van Bramer allots $31K for Woodside clean-up 

For the past several years the people of Woodside noticed trash piling up along the area’s major streets. “They haven’t cleaned it in weeks. All the garbage is spilled all over the place. There’s bottles, food, everything,” said resident Tina McDonnell. It got so bad she would be out every day sweeping the sidewalks in the early morning hours. One business owner adopted an extra trash can for the corner outside of his pizzeria. Read more: [NY1] 

Bank bandit goes ‘postal’ 

What’s in his wallet? About $3,000 in swiped bank dough. A brazen bandit, posing as a postal worker, knocked off two Capital One banks within 10 minutes in Queens yesterday, authorities said. Read more: [New York Post] 

NY geese gathered for gassing 

The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge yesterday was the worst place to be a Canada goose. Federal officials rounded up about 700 of the birds from the area to be euthanized in hopes of cutting down on the strikes with passenger jets that have forced emergency landings from JFK and La Guardia Airports. The action also ended a two-year dispute between the US Department of Agriculture and the National Parks Service over removing the birds. Read more: [New York Post]