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Queens man arrested for alleged sexual abuse of kids at Staten Island camp

| ctumola@queenscourier.com

Endrick Torres 2

An Elmhurst man has been charged for the second time this month for allegedly sexually abusing a young child at the Staten Island camp where he worked.

Endrick Torres, 33, who had been a counselor at Big Bird’s Playhouse for four years, was first arrested on August 14 on charges of sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a child and forcible touching, according to the Richmond County District Attorney’s office.

Torres allegedly sexually abused a 10-year-old female on a school bus for the day camp the previous afternoon.

After hearing about Torres’ arrest in the media, the mother of a second victim asked her child about the counselor, and the nine-year-old girl admitted that she had also been abused by him, according to a law enforcement source.

He is accused of sexually abusing the second victim at least eight times on the camp bus and at a movie theater on Staten Island this summer.

Torres was released on $15,000 bond following his first arrest.  He was arraigned on charges in the second case this afternoon where bail was set at $35,000.